Learning to express ourselves is a big deal. Each one of us has been gifted with certain properties and talents that are meant for the benefit of the world and our own selves.

These gifts and talents if left unexpressed start to cause dis-harmony within our own self as well as in the Universe as a whole. It is as though a big piece of the Universe has gone missing. Believe it or not, without your active participation, the Universe is unable to function properly. That is how important your role is in the Universe.

Early in childhood many of us learn to modify our personality to get approval from parents. This personality adaptation means we learn to hide our true nature and express a nature that is geared to get approval from the parents.

This fake personality becomes so ingrained in our consciousness that we forget we are simply putting on a mask. The mask begins to feel like our skin. We continue to behave in ways that are not aligned with our true nature.

If you feel a deep sense of discontentment or unhappiness on a regular basis, that is a clear indication that you are identifying with the mask rather than your true self.

To get yourself back into alignment, pay attention to what you truly believe within your heart. Not the beliefs that you learnt from society, but beliefs that naturally resonate with you.

Your core beliefs can be hidden or forgotten but they cannot be extinguished from your consciousness. These beliefs are your way back to your true nature.

It does take some contemplation to remind yourself of what you have forgotten, but if you do even some investigation, they are not hard to remember. Spend some quite time everyday to feel your way through the layers of your consciousness to find these hidden gems of your core beliefs. Your feelings will clearly tell you when you have found these gems.

Once you have found your core beliefs, write them down somewhere so that you can remind yourself everyday. Start to identify yourself with these re-discovered beliefs. Start to express them in your day to day life. You will notice that whenever you remind yourself of these core beliefs, you will feel a sense of peace.

Hold on to these core beliefs. As you integrate these gems into your conscious awareness, your life will start to take a whole new turn. One that is far more fulfilling than what you may have experienced so far.