Familiarity is a big deal. We keep repeating what we are familiar with. Habitual patterns of thinking. The familiarity patterns set up early in childhood. This starts a vicious cycle of repeated patterns. The more a pattern repeats the more we become familiar with it and the more we attract it into our life.

A simple way to loosen the grip of these repeated patterns is to “understand” the dynamics of how these patterns operate. These repeated patterns appear as ultimate truths where as they are simply “familiar” patterns. Any deeply familiar pattern has a tendency to appear at ultimate truth. Even simply questioning the ultimate truth has a tendency to loosen the grip of the pattern.

Once you start to question a “truth”, you then have the choice to accept it as a truth or reject it as false. Unless we question it, we don’t even have a choice of rejecting it. It just is.

Pick your favorite vulnerability. Especially, something related to your sense of self worth. Investigate its source. You will easily see that it started early in life and it kept repeating over the years. You will see that particular issues is more a familiarity issue rather than a reality issue. Maybe your family members, teachers, friends, kept repeating it and over time you started to identify with it.

Now that you are aware of the falsity of the idea, you have a choice to accept it or reject it. Don’t accept lies. Remember, a lie told thousand times, does not become a truth. It may take on an appearance of truth, but it still remains a lie.

Many times we feel we don’t have a choice in life. We just have to live a life of struggle. This again is a familiar pattern of “no choice”. Maybe you had narcissistic parents who did not allow you do make your own choices. Over time this repeated pattern will make you believe that there is no choice in your life. Question this “familiar” pattern.

You don’t have to live the life of struggle. We can become so deeply familiar with struggle that we forget we even have a choice of living a better life. Keep reminding yourself that the struggle is persisting because you are familiar with it and that you have a choice to change it. Make choice a part of your consciousness.