We get stuck because we keep re-creating the past. After working for decades in the field of energy healing and working with thousands of people, I am convinced that THE biggest cause of suffering in human life is our inability or unwillingness to let go of the past. ​​​​​​​

The first question to ask is that even though we know this fact, why is the past so sticky in our consciousness. The answer is that past tends to define our identity. Letting go of the past means letting go of our created identity which is very scary to the human mind. Letting go of previous identity is energetically equivalent to death.

As we are growing up, all our experiences of life start to built our sense of who we are. This initial sense of identity, your I AM starts to attract more experiences that match with that identity. This in effect starts a snow ball effect. The seeds of initial I AM attracts more of the same and the identity becomes stronger and stronger.

I started my life in a family environment filled with hard headed narcissists who did not think much of anyone else around them. My I AM in such an environment started to become something like. I am nobody, I am of no value, I am not loved, I am a trouble, etc etc. With seeds of such I AM my sense of identity started to take shape. I started to attract friends, teachers, and other people who reflected the same identity to me as before. My identity became more and more solid as time went by. I became convinced that this is who I am.

You can guess what came next. Life of Hell. Life became so miserable that I wondered if I will even survive. I got into spirituality with the hope that I will find some answers there. Guess what, I ran into spiritual teachers who were also narcissists like my parents. Finally it started to dawn on me, that there was no running away from my own identity. I found myself in every situation of life, and every person I met. If I had to change my life, I must change my identity.

The problem is changing identity is easier said than done. You can repeat affirmations of new I AM’s till you are blue in the face and it won’t make a dent in your identity. Why? Because you can’t put something new while the old still exists. 

Please make no mistake of the consequences of not doing the work of identity transformation. Your life will constantly move from bad to worse over time. And as time goes by you will get bigger and bigger wake up calls. Initially you start to get feather touch wake up calls. Then you start to get sledge hammer wake up calls. Then the final wake up call: Death, that too not a very pleasant one. Death of relationships, death of finances, death of health, finally death of physical body. These are not punishments, these are wake up calls so that you can live a better life.

It is impossible to change our life without changing out deeply rooted identity

The next question to answer is what are the ways that will help change our identity with greater effectiveness. Over the years I have learnt several ways to make this identity change relatively easier. All my workshops, personal sessions and healing methods are designed around the principles of identity transformation

I have been experimenting with a new technology called QUEST technology, which stands for QUantum Exchange for State Transformation. State here implies identity. I will be releasing this technology on my radio show with Cari on September 13th.

My personal sessions are all designed to change your identity around the age of 3 years. Age 3 is a formative year for identity creation. In the session I can take you back in time and help you change your identity at that point which then affects your entire future. 

My workshops and webinars also revolve around the ideas on how to change our identity effectively. Here is one idea that I will like to share with you:

Make a choice to forgive your past. Note the 3 important energetic words in this new idea (ideas are powerful energies of transformation): Choice, forgive, past. The following affirmation can become a powerful energetic key to release stored negative energy in your subconscious that keeps creating challenges in life, lifetime over lifetime. Say the following affirmation and you will feel a release. Try it. As you keep repeating it, over time you will become more and more free from the past.

I Choose to Forgive My Past

Over time and with a lot of self transformation work, I am becoming an authority in the field of identity transformation. Please don’t hesitate in contacting me if I can be of further assistance to you.