Urgent Care Treatment


There are times where fast relief is required for ourselves or our loved one. Cases where usually urgent medical intervention is required. Using my spiritual healing powers in collaboration with your medical treatments, I can help you or your loved one come out of the medical crisis in a much gentler way than if done only with modern medicine.

My energy healing work is “not” a replacement for professional medical care, but it certainly can assist in making the healing faster and easier *. Read below a sample of the hundreds of successful urgent care cases I have worked on.

Pricing is dependent on the case. Please contact me.

Amazing Healing – Pulmonologist couldn’t believe it !!!

“My Dad (who’s 86 yrs old) was diagnosed with Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) almost a year ago.  While he seemed to be responding to the medication a few weeks ago his health took a turn for the worse.  He lost his appetite, his energy and couldn’t sleep.  His Oncologist discovered fluid outside of his left lung.  My Dad ended up being admitted to the hospital for several days in order to remove what amounted to close to 7 liters of fluid.  Once all fluid was removed, the CT scan showed patchy spots on his lung which the doctors couldn’t identify.  A couple of weeks ago while my Dad was in the hospital I contacted Sanjay to do a treatment to help my Dad.  Three days later my Dad was discharged from the hospital.  He has since continued to have an increased appetite and has started walking a couple of blocks each night.

The pathology results show nothing abnormal from the fluid and today (2 weeks later) the CT scan shows absolutely nothing on his lung – it’s completely clear.  His Pulmonologist was floored – she couldn’t believe it.  She said she was prepared to do a biopsy to see what was on his lung but no longer needs to because it looks completely healthy.  I can’t say enough about Sanjay’s treatment and healing abilities – Amazing!” 

Christina, Texas

Blocked Portal Vein to the Liver

Eram’s mom has been suffering from Liver Cirrhosis for over 20 years. Liver issues combined with other factors causes blood to clot in the Portal Vein resulting a blockage in the Vein. This is a critical situation which can cause the Portal Vein to burst and backup fluid in the digestive system. Doctors said that there was NO hope for recovery. However, within 2 weeks of Sanjay’s treatment here is what Eram reported:

“Great news: Mom’s endoscopy reflected no issues whatsoever. We then got an ultrasound and her portal vein is now open and has a reasonable flow. Fluid in stomach and lungs negligible. This is truly miraculous as it takes her out of the “critical ” condition zone”

Eram Saeed

Chronic Stomach Ailment completely Healed in 1 week !!

“I had severe stomach problems and pain all through my adult life. I was visiting the US for my son’s graduation in May 2014, when my stomach pain was so severe that despite going to the hospital and taking medications nothing was helping. I was planning to cancel my trip and return to India when a dear friend suggested I contact Sanjay for help.

Within a few hours after Sanjay started the Treatment my pain subsided from a level 10 to level 1. That evening I was able to attend the parents dinner for the graduation class. I could attend my son’s graduation and also continue my journey to visit family in the US and take a trip to Alaska.

It has been almost a year and the pain and stomach problems have not returned. It is a whole new life for me. Thank you so much Sanjay.”

Neelu, Mumbai, India

Dental Surgery With NO pain!

“My mom has recently had quite a bit of dental surgery and I had asked Sanjay for support during this time. About 3 months ago, she required bone grafting and 3 implants in one quadrant of her mouth. That work is nearly complete and she has done absolutely fantastic! No pain, NONE, and no follow-up medication whatsoever. ”


Heart Murmur: Completely cured for Newborn

“My grandson was born on Nov. 30, 2013. He was 10 lbs, 21 1/2 inches, so he was a big boy. Apparently the doctors did not know how big he was; his mother is a tiny thing, too. So, her labor stalled out. She ended up with a fever and an infection which she passed to the baby. It also ended up in a C-section. We were all worried, of course, especially when we learned he had a heart-murmur. He was in the neonatal ICU for almost a week.

Two days after his birth, I requested Sanjay to do a treatment for him – I figured he really needed it. He improved so well that he went home after one week. When he went back for his appointment, his heart murmur was completely gone and he was doing great! I am so grateful that he is a normal, healthy baby boy. And I am also grateful for Sanjay for being there for him!”

Shelly, Texas

Lump Behind Ear Disappeared – No Surgery Required

“I had a lump behind my left ear for over 40 years. It had grown to a point where my ear was standing out. While wearing my glasses you could feel there was a dis-balance between the ears because of the lump. Since I had a treatment with Sanjay, the lump is totally gone. Disappeared !! My ear is back to normal. Thank you.” 

DN, California

Heavy Metal Detoxification 

“For the past 12 years I have had severe joint pain and would take injections in my knees. This did not however relieve my condition. But I continued on it in the hope that it would work. Earlier this year a friend suggested I see a practitioner and do some blood tests to see if there was something else that was causing the pain. After some blood tests I was shocked to find out that I had heavy metals in my blood. I was not aware of this. What really surprised me further was that the practitioner noticed that my body was detoxifying already. She asked if I was taking some supplements to detoxify my body.  I had done a treatment with Sanjay. I can contribute this detoxification only to the treatment. I have also stopped taking the injections for my knees. Thank you.” 

HC, Texas

Atrial Fibrillation Healed

I have had Atrial Fibrillation since 2008. Slowly it got so bad that every month I was rushed to the Emergency Room to shock my heart to restart it. After being on Lifetron Energy for one month, I am happy to report that I have not had a single incident for the last 6 months. NONE!!! It has relieved me a lot physically and emotionally. It still amazes me how Lifetron Energy works. How precise, powerful and intelligent it is. *

Arlene, Texas

Relief From Excruciating Pain

“My 98 year old mother had such severe and painful arthritis that she would fall unconscious because of the pain every hour despite taking prescription pain killers and other medications. I requested Sanjay to do a treatment to relieve her from such severe pain. Within a of couple days the intensity of the pain had reduced so much that she was not screaming in pain and falling unconscious. Within a week the pain was reduced to where she was sleeping well again. She has been struggling with this for over 15 years. Thank you. It is a miracle indeed!!” *

Ganga, India

5 year Limp in the right leg Healed within 2 days !!

“I had a limp in my right leg due to severe pain in my hip. This had been going on for 5 years. After all kinds of modern and alternative medicine treatment, I gave up. My quality of life went from bad to worse. I have known Sanjay for last one year. I work at the apartment complex where he and his family live. One day out of the blue he told me that my leg will be healed. I did not think much about it because I thought he was just joking. Two days later I woke up and to my absolute amazement, my limp was totally gone. No pain in the hip anymore. It feels my bones have healed from inside. It has been six months and the pain has not come back. To me this is a miracle.”

Stacy, San Diego

Severe back pain healed completely – No Surgery !!

“For the last 5 years, I had constant pain in my back. For the past few months I had been taking 1000 mg of prescription pain killers 3 times a day. Doctors had recommended surgery, which I was very hesitant to go through. I started a treatment with Sanjay and within one month my pain was completely gone.  I don’t need to take any painkillers now. What is also amazing is that the pain has been completely erased from my memory as well.  If you ask me now, I have to think hard to remember what the pain was like. Earlier I was in constant pain all the time. I do not do any yoga, exercises or any alternative medicine. It is because of  Sanjay’s healing powers alone that I am pain free.”

Cynthia, Singapore

31 year Chronic Back Pain Gone in 2 weeks !!

“I had experienced back problems since 1983.  In 1992, the problems became much worse after a motor vehicle accident. Despite many courses of physical therapy and chiropractic visits, I was in constant pain with periods of as much as two months at a time when I would be bedridden due to pain so severe I was unable to walk. Since 1992, I was literally in pain every minute of every day of my life…until early August 2014.  That was one week after Sanjay did a Treatment for my back pain.  It has been over three months now and I am still pain free.  This is truly a miracle.  Every day now I thank God for sending Sanjay into my life.”

Nanci, Ohio

Frozen Shoulder: Pain completely healed in 2 weeks

“I just completed a treatment for my sister for severe pain in her right shoulder due to Frozen Shoulder. Her pain was at a level 10 where she could not move or lift her right arm. I am happy to report that within a few days her pain got down to 4-5 and now she is pain free. No pain medications needed, no physical therapy needed. Thank you Sanjay !!”

Minnie, Texas

Pet Healing: “Suvay’s Remarkable Recovery !!

After 6 months of severe infections and several antibiotic courses, Suvay is completely healed within 6 weeks of being on the Energy.

She had a very bad infection on her muzzle followed by another infection which covered a large area on her left flank. Her owner tried several courses of antibiotics and other medications over the course of about 3 months but the infection kept getting worse.

She then started Suvay on the Healing Program.When Suvay started the Program her infection was at a level 8.

Within 12 hours of being on the Energy, her skin infection went down to 3. This is the update I got, ”I have noticed that she is more playful and more likely to cuddle with me. I know in my heart that she is happier and healthier! The infection on her left flank is just a small scab now. Her nose is healing well. New pigment is actually being generated on the dark part of the nose called “leather”. I thought it a genetic condition since her nose has always been pink. It is really amazing !!”

Pet Healing

Vet is baffled at Miraculous recovery!!!

“My 12 year old dog Ginger, needed to be rushed to the Emergency only to be brought to surgery and had her ovaries removed. Within 24 hours she was up, happy and when we brought her for her visit to the vet he was shocked and amazed at her recovery. In his words, “This is truly miraculous!!!”


A Miracle Transformation

“My cat Sophia had a crippled Right hind leg, Low energy, Spinal/skeletal deformities , and possibly symptoms of Addison’s disease. She was on the energy for a month and now she is completely healed and healthy. It is truly a miracle!!!”


Raging Urinary Infection healed, Appetite back !

“2 weeks earlier Jax had a PU surgery. He has been having trouble with a diminished appetite, diarrhea and he also got a Urinary Tract Infection. So the foster’s intention was for him to eat and for his GI tract to feel better.

When Jax started on Sanjay’s treatment he was not eating and had a raging urinary infection. Stools were loose. After 12 days of the treatment the foster reported: “He is doing FABULOUSLY! His poops have firmed up, his appetite is great and his energy and personality are back to where they were. So, yea!!! Off antibiotics and holding well to raw food diet. Thank you so much for your distance healing efforts!

Jax, however continues to do well.

The first time we tried the raw food, it didn’t even last a day. We tried the food that he originally didn’t like, (which comes in the shape of a slider), and though he has let us know that he prefers the raw food that costs about 3 times as much, he is willing to entertain us and eat the sliders. So that is a very big concession from himself vs. last time.

His energy, diet and elimination continue to be good, which we are very happy about.

Thank you for your support!”


Within 4 -½ hours I felt fine !!

“When I signed up with you last weekend, I was in a desperate way, with depression, anxiousness, and sadness.

Within four and a half hours, I felt fine! I have been feeling much better ever since, apart from a couple of times, which is usually in the middle of the night, when anxiety has crept in, but it hasn’t been debilitating anxiety – fairly mild, for me!”


Spotting stopped with just one Treatment

“I have had severe PMS symptoms for the past 7 years. I asked Sanjay for help. I was going through extreme anxiety, depression and my periods were very irregular with continuous spotting.

Within a month after his treatement, my spotting completely stopped. My anxiety and depression are better. I am motivated and have started my own business. I have  my life back. It has been 10 months since I got the treatment from Sanjay and still no spotting !! Thank you.”

Hailey, California

From Severe Symptoms to Healed in 1 month !!

“I have Ulceritis Colitis for the past 5 years. A condition that prohibits me from going out very much.  Since I was diagnosed with this my periods have been unusually heavy and would last for 10 days. They were very painful with a lot of cramping and abdominal pain especially the first day. On a scale of 0-10 my symptoms were at a level 9.

I requested Sanjay to do a Treatment to help with the pain and the periods. I am very happy to report that within a month my periods normalized to a flow of 4-5 days with only 1 day of heavy flow. The abdominal pain went down to a level 1. What a relief !!”

Keiya, MA, Nov. 2014

Successful Surgery for Tumor in the Neck


It took my father a while to come out of the anesthesia after an 8-hr surgery which was quite worrisome. Initially, I didn’t know that his blood pressure was too high and keep going up and down until the 2nd day he was in ICU. After Sanjay started to work on this issue, the BP started going down very soon. After Sanjay worked on stabilizing the overall blood pressure, the next day he was transferred to the regular room. The swelling of the heart also was improved. His recovery has been steady ever since then. Also, when I told Sanjay that my father couldn’t sleep well on the regular room due to heat (it gets hot in Malaysia), Sanjay said he is going to get it to rain to cool off the temperature there. According to my family, there were at least a couple days where it did rain/drizzle and the temperature was cooler.

Later we learned that our father had kept some important warning from us, i.e., the surgeons warned of risk of potential loss of hearing and twist to the mouth. Thank God, his hearing is intact and there is very minimal impact to his mouth. Overall, the surgery was successful and without complication. We’re relieve as he gets stronger and stronger each day. Thanks again for all that you did for my father during his surgery and recovery!

King, Sept. 2018

* Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person. This is NOT a replacement for professional medical care. Please consult your healtcare professional for all  your healthcare needs. Please read the full disclaimer HERE.