A lot of people during the early childhood times encounter one or more traumatic events. These events could be seemingly simple emotional abuse, or they could be outright violent such as physical abuse.

I call such a traumatic event as a Time Freeze Event.

A time freeze event essentially has the effect of freezing the human psyhe in the early childhood stage when the event occurred. After that point the body grows, but the mind remains stuck in that early childhood state. The memories of that event get deeply buried in the subconscious mind. What is worse is that the traumas keep repeating themselves because of the nature of the subconcious mind.

I experienced several time freeze events very early on in my life. From seeing my mother in an emotionally violent state to being sexually molested.

The effects of these events created repeated traumas in my life. It felt like I was reliving the same emotional story over and over again. Same emtional pain, sadness, sorrow, isolation as that I felt when the time freeze events happened.

My mental and emotional growth stopped. The psyche frooze with fear. Growing up looked so scary because there was no emotional support for the mind to grow up into an healthy adult mind.

What is a healthy adult mind? How do we even define a healthy mind.

A healthy mind is one which can make healthy decisions and is able to distinguish between what is good and what is bad for its existence. It is one which can take responsibility for its decisions and its life.

If you contrast a child with an adult, you will see the main difference is the capability to make appropriate decisions and the capability to accept responsibility for their life.

When the human psyche freezes in a childhood state, it is uanble to make appropriate life decisions. It is unable to distinguish between what is good and what is bad for its existence and survival.

Have you seen people who seem to make all the bad decisions. Unable to keep a job, unable to find the right partner, unable to maintain proper health and proper lifestyle, unable to spend wisely. Well, these are people whose minds are frozen in an early childhood stage due to a trauma.

Also, know that if you encounter such people in your life, such as your own grown up children, spouse, or even parents, then there is some element in you as well that is stuck in time. You are not only not growing yourself, but you are also not allowing others around you to grow up either. This is a derivative of boundary issue, which is a whole different topic in itself.

If you are one of these people, don’t be disheartened. You are not alone. There are many many people in the same state as you. There is no fault of yours. You just had a faulty childhood.

But you can do something about it now. Wherever that now is for you and whatever age you are at.

A simple realization that growing up is safe and necessary part of life is sometimes enough to get us unstuck. A realization that life will start to heal as soon as you “allow” yourself to become who you really are. To become an adult is not as scary as it appears to be. That you are capable of making appropriate life decisions and that you are capable of taking responsibility for your life.

Remember being a kid was not all that fun after all. You were stuck with parents deciding everything for you. You had no freedom. Well, you now have the freedom to be who you want to be. You can now decide what you want to do with your life. There is a child within you who wants to feel the freedom and be happy. Allow this child to experience the joy of growing up.

The Universe is not the decision maker. You are. Universe simply executes your soul level decisions. To people who experienced a time freeze event, this idea itself maybe shocking.

The growing up starts the moment you decide to grow up. But, growth does not happen overnight. You need to give yourself time to grow up. Give yourself the love and support that is required to grow up. Also, remember, growing can be a challenging process. Stick with it though. If you encounter challenges, don’t go back to the decision of staying stuck.

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With Love,