Many people ask me the question, “Is it even possible to become truly happy in a reasonable timeframe?” If it is, then what is the process?

Let me share what I believe to be the answers to these questions.

Yes, I know with absolute certainty that it is possible to become happy in a reasonable timeframe, which of course varies from person to person. It may not be easy, but the answer still remains an absolute yes. Every part of our life – no matter how difficult or complicated – can be healed. Every single disease is healable, every single desire is fulfillable.

The next question is how? How do we reach this state of true happiness in a reasonable timeframe? I am sure there are many ways, but I will share what my experience has shown.

There are Three Necessary Ingredients that create true and lasting healing and happiness: Grace, Truth, and Time. This is the alchemy of happiness. Even if one ingredient is missing, I believe it is impossible to achieve happiness.

Grace: Grace is an energy of the Universe. A profoundly healing, kind, and giving energy. It has no bounds, it has no judgment, it is above all “laws” of the earth plane. Religion very appropriately defines Grace as “Unmerited and Undeserved Favor.” It just unconditionally loves us. In the presence of Grace, we fundamentally change inside, which brings deep healing.

Truth: Truth is what helps us grow through self-effort, understanding, and learning. As we experience life, we begin to understand the truth of who we are, what works for us, and what does not. It helps us become mature adults who are then empowered to make appropriate choices and exercise our free will in appropriate ways. We learn that there are consequences to wrong behaviors and actions and as a result, we learn to correct the course of our life.

Time: It takes time to integrate, to learn, to grow. Anyone who is living in the delusion that growth can happen overnight is not living in reality and is setting themselves up for great disappointment. If you meet any healer who promises you overnight healing or growth, run the other way. They themselves are living in delusion. Yes, instant healing is possible in certain situations, but not sustainable if we have not grown inside.

Missing Ingredients

Have you seen people who are totally irresponsible, under-developed, and immature? Can’t hold a job? Are into addictions, etc.? Most likely these people are products of parents who have loved their kids too much, i.e. Grace but no Truth.

On the other hand, there are people who have been disciplined too much by the strong presence of one or both parents. These people tend to be anxious, depressed, over-worked … They are constantly under the “gun.” These are people who have probably heard Truth (or untruth, which appears as truth coming from an authority figure) but have not experienced love, i.e., Truth but no Grace. Living in Truth (real or apparent) but no Grace has a name: Living Hell. You can live an entire lifetime in arduous self-effort and keep going from one delusion to another if Grace is missing. Very little real progress is made without Grace.

These are just extreme examples. Most people have combinations of these issues.

My Healing Work

iZone Energy has the same properties as Grace. It is inherently the energy of Grace and Love. My personal sessions include both love and truth. I am able to show you the real truth (as opposed to delusionary truth) in a loving way so that you are able to change the course of your life consciously.

Join iZone Program Now

If you are not on iZone Energy, now is the time to start your journey to becoming healthy, happy, and fulfilled.

I am an extremely competent and honest healer. I will not sugar-coat the healing process. Healing work requires patience, investment, and endurance. I give 100% and I expect the same from my clients.

Don’t wait to reach the day when you have run out of time and regret just working, working, working on yourself and not accomplishing anything in life.

“Certain choices can only be made by taking a leap of faith based on gut feeling.” — Sanjay Nimar