If you can believe me, ALL human challenges: health, relationships, finances, are self created in order to find SATISFYING LOVE.

Here are some examples of my real live clients (name changed for privacy purposes). 

Ms R: Her own sense of self worth was low from childhood. However, she was treated as a special person by her mother. Lived in a very protective home environment all her life. When she got married and she was forced to take responsibility, she started to crack up. Tried to commit suicide several times but never did. Each of these attempts were in order to get Mother’s attention and love. Each of these events was to go back to her “shell” and protection in parents house. She kept on creating a hellish life in order to “go back home”. Eventually, she passed on her unhealthy patterns to her children. At the age of 23, her son committed suicide. 

Mr B: His mother was generous with money. She used to give him money whenever he wanted to go out with his friends as a teenager. He felt loved by Mom whenever she gave him money to enjoy. His Mom kept giving him money even when he was an adult. Mr. B grew up with extreme fear of not having enough money in his life. Why, because his subconscious was trying to stop him from earning enough money so that he had an excuse to get it from Mom and feel her love. If he earned enough money then he will have no excuse to take money from Mom and that would mean no love from her either. 

Ms A: Struggled with High BP all her life. As a child, she used to get loved by Mom whenever she was sick. Mom used to give her medicine in bed and that felt really good to her. For Ms A, taking medicines became the source of love. Subconsciously she associated taking medicines to moms love. Doctors kept increasing the meds because nothing was working for her. 

Ms M: Married sex offenders 6 times. Why, because her father sexually abused her when she was young. Her father was a very busy man and had no time for her. One day he asked her for sex and she more than willingly obliged to get his attention and love. She felt cared for and loved by father whenever he had sex with her. In her subconscious mind such a man is the one who can give her love. So she found sex offenders repeatedly. 

Boy R: Extreme case of ADHD since the age of 3. Saw father physically abusing mom daily. He wanted love from mom, but mom was unavailable. His child’s mind created a scheme for distracting dad so that he won’t hit mom. He became hyperactive. He used this method of getting love and attention from both mom and dad.

Ms C: Repeatedly married men who would physically abuse her. As a child she heard her father beat her once and said “I am doing this because I love you. So that you grow up to be a good person”. Her subconscious mind associated beating with love. So she kept attracting men who beat her repeatedly.

Ms V: Broke her femur at age 45. Why, because when the was a child she fractured her leg and got a lot of love and attention from both mom and dad. All her life then she kept repeating “accidents” to get the same love she got then.

All these cases have been successfully healed through my conscious and subconscious treatments. As we learn to heal childhood wounds and find love through healthy means, the old patterns of finding love are not needed anymore. 

Love is the greatest force in the Universe. It is our job to heal our wounds and open up to love through self work and support. Love does the rest.

What is Love you may ask? Love is not what we think it is. Love has nothing to do with the “Hollywood” kind of love. It has everything to do with utilizing our God given talents and gifts. Becoming aware of our gifts and talents and fully developing them is not always an easy task. It requires work.

Love comes from fully utilizing our God given talents and gifts – Sanjay Nimar

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