It is my strong personal experience and a strong belief that the soul is looking for satisfaction in its life on Earth. It is not looking for happiness

The western idea of happiness puts the mind in a searching mode for more. Because no amount of happiness fulfills a person. The mind of a person seeking happiness is always dissatisfied with life. This deep dissatisfaction becomes a huge problem. Energetically this dissatisfaction starts to attract more dissatisfaction. 

The solution is very simple. Change your mental search towards greater satisfaction. The word Satisfaction is the closest word in english language that communicates  what a soul is constantly seeking in life. Satisfaction in every aspect of life: Health, body, career, relationships. Of course satisfaction is different for each individual. For you a single burger may be satisfying, but for a sumo wrestler 5 burgers may be satisfying.

Mental conditionings take us off course from the satisfaction that the soul is seeking. These conditionings come from our society, from childhood, from our ancestral patterns, from our previous lifetimes. The work of our lifetime is to clear all the junk up so that we are in alignment with what the soul is seeking. 

The overarching intention of lifetron therapy is to help you reach greater and greater satisfaction in life. If you are on lifetron healing, don’t just look at fulfillment of individual goals, but also look at how your satisfaction level is improving over time. How was your satisfaction level a few weeks ago, a few months ago or a few years ago. You will clearly see an improvement in satisfaction over time over a broader scale of life. This increase in satisfaction is the real mark of success in our life. 

Sometimes we feel that only after this particular goal is achieved that I will feel good. But the truth is that the goal can be accomplished only after you reach a deeper level of soul satisfaction. Achieving goals is very difficult where there is a lot of discontentment in our consciousness. The path to accomplishing goals is through soul satisfaction. Let lifetron healing take you on that path. It knows how to get you there better than you do yourself.

Remember, satisfaction is the real mark of success in life. You don’t want to leave this body dis-satisfied. People who suffer at death are the people who have lived a very dis-contented life. People who leave the body peacefully are the ones who have accomplished soul satisfaction and hence the purpose of their incarnation on this planet.