Each one of us comes with two destinies: Karmic Destiny and a Soul Destiny. Karmic destiny for many people like myself is filled with challenges and hardships. On the other hand Soul destiny for EVERYONE is filled with joy, fun, happiness and fulfillment.

Our life purpose is to shift from karmic destiny to our soul destiny. This is our purpose and this is our path. Shifting from karmic to soul destiny requires dedicated self work with knowledge and wisdom. It is usually not an easy task.

Karmic path is all that we knew as humanity up until now. We just lived an unconscious life every day. We did not even know that we have choice in life. We did what we learnt as children. We did what our parents did and they did what their parents did. Not much changed from generation to generation. Life was an unconscious flow of energy.

It is only in the last about 30 years, humans are beginning to awaken on mass scale. We are beginning to realize that we have choice. We don’t have to simply live the life of our parents and ancestors. We can choose differently.

For the first time, we are choosing different careers than our parents did, choosing different type of partners than our parents did, we are choosing different life styles than our parents did. All for the good of our life and the lives of others we connect with.

Many of us are learning to say NO for the first time in our lives. We are bringing more discernment in our decision making process. We are more aware and awake of where we are going and wanting to go. This is wonderful news.

However, there is some bad news as well. The more awake we become, the more unconscious patterns also tend to come in our faces. Things that have been hidden for centuries in collective unconscious will come up more and more into our awareness. All to be healed and released.

Dealing with the unconscious patterns is and will be our greatest challenge as we progress towards greater awakening. The power of unconscious patterns cannot be underestimated. It requires a lot of support and wisdom to traverse this perilous journey of awakening.

You may experience old enemies, old habits, old thoughts, old beliefs come out of the closet and throw a wrench in your growth and healing process. When you experience such challenges know that this is a good sign. It is showing that you are beginning to awaken and that you have the capacity to make different choices than before.

Lifetron Healing can be a great source of support and comfort on the journey of awakening. This energy is what I call as Grace energy. This energy provides you with protection that you need on the healing journey. It is also gentle hand of Grace that keeps propelling you forward towards your Soul destiny at the pace that is right for you.

Do your self work as well. Here is my presentation on how to create a Miracle with 3 minutes of meditation


This is how powerful your mind and heart is. You can make changes in your life quite rapidly. However, you need to be careful of the unconscious patterns that tend to come up with self work. Do it in the supportive presence of Lifetron Energy and shift your life from Karmic destiny to Soul Destiny.