I firmly believe that the fundamental property of life is that it can repair itself. In fact everything in the Universe has a built in intelligence that can correct and repair itself. Look at your own body. See its tremendous capability to repair and re-generate. 

All life is constantly trying to evolve to a greater and greater order and well being. As a part of this process of evolution there are cyclical phases of disintegration followed by a higher order of re-integration.

Almost everyone would have experienced disintegration (death) and then re-integration (re-birth) once or several times in life. Each time dis-integration happens, something of lower order is leaving and every time there is re-integration a new entity of higher order is formed. You can see this everywhere: in individuals, families, communities, religion, countries, environment, planet, galaxies, the entire Universe.

On the other hand the human ego wants to maintain a status quo. The human ego is highly resistant to change. These two forces, the evolutionary force of life and the force of human ego, seem to be always at conflict. It is interesting to notice that the more humans try to “control” this evolution, the more painful evolution and healing becomes. The more we “allow” things to fall apart when the time is right, the easier the transition to a higher form of existence. In other words, have some faith in the innate intelligence of life itself and go with the flow as they say. The Universal intelligence is far superior that human ego.

Thy will be done. Thy will always be done whether we want it or not, meaning the higher intelligence of the Universe will always win in the end no matter how much we resist. Thank God it is designed that way. Can you imagine what will happen to the Universe if a human ego was allowed to run it.

When you get out of the driver’s seat, you find that life can drive itself, that actually life has always been driving itself. When you get out of the driver’s seat, it can drive itself so much easier-it can flow in ways you never imagined. Life becomes almost magical. The illusion of the “me” is no longer in the way. Life begins to flow, and you never know where it will take you. – Adyashanti

Now that is one heck of a self driven car :). Enjoy the ride.