The secret to success and abundance is Conscious Investment. First let us define what does investment mean and then what does conscious investment mean.

When we hear of the word investment, we get the idea of financial investment. However, in spiritual terms investment means a lot more than finances. It includes investment of ALL our assets such as our time, our skills, talents and gifts, our health, our relationships, our environment, our connections, our wealth, our intellect, our capability to love, our capability to think, and so on. These are all Universe given assets for us to use.

Conscious investment means becoming aware of all our assets and then investing them wisely so that we reap the benefits at a later point in time.

You must have heard of the following famous quote:

“For it is in giving that we receive.” – Saint Francis of Assisi

A modern version of this timeless truth can be:

“For it is in investing that we reap the rewards”

A story from Bible about investing is very relevant in both spiritual and earthly context. It goes something like this:

A master is going on a long trip. He gives 5 gold coins to first servant, 2 gold coins to the second and 1 gold coin to the third. He asks them to protect his money. After he comes back from his travels, he asks the servants to tell him what they did with the money. The first servant says he invested the 5 gold coins and made 5 more. Second says he invested 2 gold coins and made 2 more. The third servant said he dug a hole and put the money there so as not to loose it. The master called him wicked and lazy and gave his 1 coin to the first servant.

The moral of the story is that the Universe entrusts us with certain gifts and talents so that you will use them and bring goodness for our own selves and others. The more we invest our assets, the more they multiply. If we hide these talents (for any number of reasons) or become lazy we will reap no benefits in the future. 

I have personally seen this happen to many people in real life. Out of unawareness, they either did not realize they have talents and gifts or became too lazy to use them. Slowly they started to loose whatever they had.

If you have not been consciously investing, start now. It is never too late. First step is to take inventory of your assets.  Then check how are you investing them.

If you have already been consciously investing, good job. But don’t become complacent. Keep renewing your commitment to conscious investment. It is constant process of re-evaluation and re-adjustment. It is no different than adjustment of your financial portfolio. You WILL reap the benefits in due time.

Food for thought: If you invest a very small amount and expect a very large return, is that investing? No, that is called gambling, not investing. Invest wisely.

As always, if you need help in this area, let me know.

Happy Investing 🙂