Do you feel tired and drained all the time? You feel the joy and motivation slipping away from your life. The problem is very simple and once you understand the problem the solutions also start to become simple.

 Here is the law of the Universe:

 If you take up your God given responsibilities you will be provided with energy, joy and well-being. If you take up responsibilities that are NOT yours then you will feel tired, lose energy, joy and well-being.

Responsibility is a confusing topic for most people. But it is a very important subject for our well being. Most of us start life with a certain set of beliefs about why we are here on the planet. Many of us pick up wrong responsibilities right from the beginning. For example a child whose mother is struggling and suffering may pick up the belief that it is her job to help the mother feel better. This puts the child on a wrong trajectory of life. Always attracting people who need her help and in the process she starts to get drained.

On the other hand even if we start with the right mindset we may get stuck later on in life. The important thing to remember is that our responsibilities change over time. We need to learn to let go of what is NOT our responsibility at this time and pick up what is ours.

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