Interview with Eram Saeed: Feb 2021

Title: Miracle Healing Treatment

Interview with Sigrid: Jan 2021

Title: Soul Enlightenment Experience

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New Interviews

Interview with Eram Saeed: August 2020

Title: Rapid Healing of Physical and Emotional Issues

Interview with Sigrid: June 2020

Title: Light Initiation Summit

Interview with Eram Saeed: April 2020

Title: Deep Protection from Virus and other dangers through 24 hours Lifetron Energy

Interview with Louise Matson: March 2020

Title: Why is 24 hours Protection Necessary for Healing

Interview with Sigrid: Feb 2020

Title: Transitioning from Karmic Destiny to Soul Destiny

Interview with Ian Shelly: Oct 2019

Title: Why is 24 hour Protection Necessary for Healing

Interview with Cari Murphy: Sept 2019

Earlier Interviews

Interview with Cari Murphy – Nov, 2018

Interview with Jacklyn Johnston, free transformative programming

“I was listening to replays with Sanjay…-such a great help to all of us. When we finished meditation with Sanjay , I felt  so much gratitude in my heart  and healing  help from Sanjay/Spirit  and I believe it will be unfolding. …;)” – E.D.

Interview with Peter Schenk