If you are interested in purchasing my services and want more information, feel free to setup a 15 minutes consultation with me, for us to discuss your needs and issues.

Lifetron Healing

Regular Price: $250 / m

Discounted prices for New clients

No commitment (paid monthly): $200/m ; Additional Member: $100/m

1 Year Good Faith Commitment (paid monthly):$150/m additional member: $75/m

Use the following coupon codes at checkout:

No commitment: grace20

1 year good faith commitment: grace40

PS1: 1 Year good faith commitment, is recommended for clients with chronic and long standing issues.

Energy Psychotherapy Session

Regular Price: $300 for 1 hour session, (over phone, internet or in-person at office San Mateo)

50% Discounted Price for New Clients or Regular Repeat Clients.

Use the coupon code Grace50 at checkout

Lifetron Protection

Specifically designed for COVID times to protect against Virus, EMF and other harmful energies in the environment. This program is different from the lifetron healing programs above. Please see FAQ question 10 to understand the difference between these programs click HERE 

1 Member: 77/m

3 Members: 108/m

5 Members: 147/m

7 Members: 197/m

9 Members: 247/m

(contact me for more members)

If you make a good faith commitment for a year (still paid monthly) you get an additional 20%. Use coupon code Grace20 for this. 

Miracle Healing Treatment

Requires special evaluation and price depends on the issues.

Urgent Care Treatment

Requires special evaluation and price depends on the issues.