Meet and Greet – Free

A free 15 minutes consultation with me, for us to discuss your needs and issues. I get some basic information about you and your childhood. I will also read your energy field to get a deeper understanding of where your issues are originating from.

All this will help me make recommendations on the best path to heal all parts of your life. Everything is possible, we just need to follow the right path to reach our goals.

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Lifetron Healing – Unlimited Intentions

Regular Price: $250 / month

Discounted prices for new clients

$150 / month ; Additional Member: $75

$125 / Month ; additional member: $62.50 [1 year commitment paid monthly)

Benefits of Unlimited Intentions Program:

  • Very helpful in healing chronic health issues. 
  • Very helpful if there are “several” chronic issues.
  • People who have had a traumatic childhood.
  • This program includes the “protection” program. No need to buy the protection program separately.

Purchase: Click here

Use coupon code Grace40 to get a 40% discounted price on this plan from regular price. Use coupon code Grace50 to get a 50% discount for 1 year commitment discount (paid monthly). 

PS: I highly recommend 1 year commitment for people with long standing issues. This program has a higher quality energy to it.

Lifetron Healing – Limited Intentions

1 Intention: $77 / month

3 Intentions: $108 / month

5 Intentions: $147 / month

7 Intentions: $197 / month

Benefits of Limited Intentions Packages:

This is a lower cost program. You can share the intentions with other family members. For example, in a 5 intentions package you can use 3 for person A and 2 for person B. Each intention must be clear and specific.

Purchase: click here

For 1 Year Commitment only: Use coupon code Grace20 to get an additional 20% off.

PS: I highly recommend 1 year commitment for people with long standing issues.

Lifetron Protection

Specifically designed to protect against Virus, EMF and other harmful energies in the environment. Please see my blog article for more details: Click Here

1 Member: 77/m

3 Members: 108/m

5 Members: 147/m

7 Members: 197/m

9 Members: 247/m

(contact me for more members)

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If you commit for a year (still paid monthly) you get an additional 20%. Use coupon code Grace20 for this. 

Personal Session

Regular Price: $300 for 1 hour session, (over phone, internet or in-person at office San Mateo) ; $200 for 30 Minutes Session

50% Discounted Price for Clients who are subscribed to Lifetron as well. 

1 Hour $150, 30 Minutes $100

Package discounts available.

To Inquire, Purchase, or Schedule, please contact me

Specialize Energy Treatment

Requires special evaluation and pricing depending on the issues. Please contact me

Urgent Care Treatment

Requires special evaluation and pricing depending on the person / problems. Please contact me