It is understandable that we want our life to be healed yesterday. No one likes to be in pain of any kind. However, please remember that the pain process started decades and lifetimes ago and it can take sometime to heal because our consciousness needs to develop to hold the goodness that we so desire.

In today’s healing industry there are many unconscious or unskilled healers who make false promises. Falling for “heal quick schemes” is like falling for gambling to solve our financial problems overnight. We keep gambling with our hard earned money, in the hope that we will hit a jackpot one of these times and we will “live happily ever after”. Here are the problems with this mindset:

1) The chance of hitting a jackpot is one in 50 Billion (see the stats of jackpot lotteries). It is the same chance of hitting a healing jackpot. Yes, it is possible, but unlikely. Do you want to stake your life on such chances?

2) Did you know that people who hit the jackpot usually also hit very bad whiplash from the subconscious mind soon after that. They hit a terrible car accident, lawsuits come pouring, they end up in the hospital with life threatening disease, partner leaves etc. Why? Because their mind is not prepared to handle such large amount of “feeling good”, so the subconscious creates terrible circumstances to bring them back to the amount of goodness they are used to.

I encourage you to look back at your life and see when you encountered a really happy moment that you were not prepared for. Within 1 or 2 years all that happiness would have gone because your subconscious could not handle all that happiness and it sets you back to even a worse state than before. The subconscious mind self-sabotages itself. One moment of happiness set you up for life long suffering. Even death is not an answer to ending of suffering. The soul goes through 10 times greater suffering in the next life.

Moral of all of this: You cannot skip the growth of consciousness. It is impossible. You HAVE to heal your consciousness. You don’t have a choice here. So go for it. Allow your consciousness to be healed rather than resist the healing process and try to short circuit it. You cannot get or hold goodness in your life, unless your consciousness is prepared for it.

Good news is that with proper support, and right strategy, you can heal and grow your consciousness properly. 24 / 7 Presence of Grace Energy is necessary to heal relatively swiftly and safely.

“As the end of the year is approaching and my life is so much better than a year ago, I want to truly thank you for the role you played in helping me and my family get to this point. Thank you, infinite thanks.” – Melissa Dawn. (Melissa Dawn is an international best selling author. She is my client and also my business coach.)

If you have been on my healing program for some extended time, I highly encourage you to notice how you were feeling this time last year as compared to now. You are guaranteed to notice a significant shift. Please share with me your experience if you like.

On the other hand, if you have been bouncing from one healing system to another, you would most likely see a degradation of life from last year this time to now and also over the last decade or more. This is due to the “heal quick mindset”, which produces negative results.

Make this year a year of healing and not gambling. I can help you with Grace Energy, personal sessions and live webinars. You get all of these when you subscribe for Lifetron Therapy.

Wish you a wonderful year ahead.
With Love,