Personal Session

All challenges originate from some subconscious pattern that got set up at a young age. Until this subconscious pattern is heal the challenge persists.

I have extensive experience in identifying and healing such challenging patterns. Once the pattern is identified, it becomes a lot easier to heal it. Finding the cause is half the solution. During the session, I will also help you heal that pattern energetically.

The session is particularly helpful if you are carrying deep wounds and negative emotions from the past.

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“I have worked with many coaches and healers and I have to say Sanjay is a rare gem. Within just one session he got to the bottom of an issue I have had for over 30 years. I had worked on this issue with many people, but with no success. After a session with him I had a total breakthrough and this breakthrough will help me greatly improve all areas of my life. I am feeling so much lighter and happier since he lifted this heavy weight from me. I highly recommend him.” – Melissa

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