Energy Psychotherapy

Why? Because psychotherapy is about the conscious mind and energy healing is about our deeper subconscious mind. For effective healing both these minds need to be healed simultaneously. If only one is healed at a time then the “other” mind will cause resistance and you will not be able to move forward.

I have extensive training and experience in psychotherapy. I am also extremely talented in “seeing” your deep subconscious patterns from your energy field. This enables me to help you identify and heal both minds simultaneously which makes your healing process hundreds of times faster than just doing one mind healing at a time. It is also much more permanent. My healing work goes very deep very fast.

Read over 475+ Google verified 5-Star reviews by clients from 73 countries.

Sanjay is a phenomenon!

“Sanjay is wonderful to work with! It was my first session with him and I wasn’t expecting the depth of his work. It was powerful and gentle at the same time and went straight to the heart of my issue. During the session I felt transmissions going to my core and into the distorted identity pattern formed after being born into a damaging narcissistic environment. I also experienced a recalibration in my brain where the brainwashing tapes of abuse were operating from. During that time, feelings of joy and amazement permeated my body because I realized the programming of abuse that ruled my life is ending.” – Diane

Sanjay is an Incredibly Powerful Healer

“I have worked with many coaches and healers and I have to say Sanjay is a rare gem. Within just one session he got to the bottom of an issue I have had for over 30 years. I had worked on this issue with many people, but with no success. After a session with him I had a total breakthrough and this breakthrough will help me greatly improve all areas of my life. I am feeling so much lighter and happier since he lifted this heavy weight from me. I highly recommend him.” – Melissa

The real deal – a rare gift

I have been to other healers and energy workers in the past and nothing compared to my session with Sanjay. He truly has a gift. I felt an immediate shift in my body that has started me on a journey (with practical exercises) of healing the root cause of my physical issues. I highly recommend him. – Nako

Sanjay is quite a gift

Sanjay has quite a gift. The first time I spoke with him, he was caring, gentle and very understanding. I have a much better understanding about the core of my anxiety. His insight, and learning material has been healing. I’m taking each day much slower, being much more patient, and practice positive self talk in a way that I had never done before. I’m reconnecting with myself more and more each day. He is truly a blessing – Leah

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