Life is like a pendulum, it tends to swing from one side to another. We live in world of duality: hot & cold ; day & night; happiness & sorrow; health & sickness; wealth & poverty, so on. Each lifetime these properties tend to alternate. If you are rich in one lifetime there will be a tendency of the human consciousness to become poor the next life.

It is through these oscillations that the human consciousness grows to higher states of awareness.

As an example if you are very rich and powerful one lifetime, the human ego has a tendency to do negative things. Look at history with all the powerful and rich people, how they have conducted themselves and atrocities they have committed.  This will propel the pendulum to swing on the other side. Not that wealth is bad, it is the ego that comes along with it that creates massive trouble for us, either in this lifetime or the next. We need to learn to not do bad things to other people when we are going through a good time. That is how we grow in consciousness.

The good news is that with each oscillation the swings reduce in intensity. Like a physical pendulum, if you push it and leave, it will oscillate and in each oscillation lose the momentum, until it comes to a standstill. In consciousness terms the soul will oscillate until it reaches a zero point energy (i.e. all karma good or bad, have been burnt out) and it then effortlessly escapes the fabric of time and space to reach eternal life. No more difficulties after that, perpetual happiness, which is the ultimate objective of life.

To facilitate reaching this state, we must accept both states as necessary part of life’s growth process. Somewhat becoming an observer of the ebbs and flows of life. Not getting overly attached or hateful of either side.  Allowing the pendulum to swing, without putting great effort to stop the swings.

Complaining, blaming during negative times will only make things worse. Remember you are in a negative state, because of your own karmic patterns that you created. No one did it for you. This understanding may help you get out of the complaining state. Accept your role and try to understand the learnings.

You will also observe that the negative patterns dissolve much faster if you don’t overly struggle with uncomfortable states. If going through a difficult time, keep telling yourself the truth: “this too shall pass”, because it always does. Do what you need to do to make your life better, but don’t overly struggle with the bad times. Like they say, when there is a storm outside, it is better to hunker down and let it pass through. Yes, easier said than done, but worth putting some effort in this direction.