Most things in the Universe are a paradox. We are Gods AND Humans simultaneously. We are perfect AND Imperfect, we are one with everything AND separate from everything. Human mind has a hard time dealing with paradoxes. However, in order to progress in life we need to accept BOTH sides of the coin. Human mind wants to see only one side of the coin. Such a coin does not exist in this reality.

Another paradox that we get hung up on is healing. Healing journey is both a process and magic simultaneously. If you look at this healing journey only from one side, the journey tends to become slow. If you only want the magic part of the journey and want instant results, you will be disappointed. If you only take it as a process and remove the magic part of it then the journey will become a drudgery. You won’t even see and experience the magic that is already showing up in your life.

Lifetron Healing journey is one such healing journey of paradox. It is totally magical. A vibrational device harnessing God particles from nature and transmitting to any living being anywhere on the planet with no physical contact. In the 24 hour constant presence of these God particles every part of life starts to improve and get better. It heals things that are impossible to heal through other methods. How magical is all of this!!!

Why is this journey also a process? Because we carry lifetimes of junk in our consciousness. Wrong beliefs, wrong feelings, wrong ideas, bad habits, ancestral patterns ..,. These deep rooted patterns normally take lifetimes to clear up on our own effort. Lifetron healing makes it so much faster, but it still is a process. 

The healing journey goes through the following major steps. Time on each step can be different for different people. Also it is not always in this order and the steps may have to be repeated to go deeper and deeper into our consciousness.

Step 1: Cleansing

  • Consciousness is cleared of negative patterns.
  • Old negative habits are shed.
  • Body is cleared of accumulated toxins.
  • Vital organs begin to cleanse the tissues
  • This cleaning process can cause some discomfort physically or emotionally due to release of toxicity from the consciousness and the body.

Step 2: Reactivating

  • Consciousness becomes harmonious and starts to function towards life rather than against life. You acquire a more positive outlook on life.
  • Positive habits picked.
  • Body begins to improve function at a cellular level.
  • Cleansing has been completed.
  • Major organs and tissues are reactivated.
  • Energy levels begin to rise.

Step 3: Rebuilding and Strengthening

  • Mind becomes stronger, positive and more powerful.
  • Body begins to regain optimal health.
  • Improved relationships and financial health.
  • Becoming more aware of one’s life purpose.
  • Vital organs and tissues fully restored and functioning optimally.

Step 4: Achieving higher goals of human life

  • The mind and body is now ready to fully engage with one’s life purpose.
  • Great joy starts to become part of daily life.

How wonderful and magical healing Journey guided and supported by Grace. Of course do your part, but also depend on Lifetron energy to move you forward. Working with thousands of people and my own experience, I can tell you that without lifetron energy, healing becomes almost impossible because of the tremendous complexities of consciousness. We need a constant propulsion force from outside to keep us moving forward. Our own efforts and intelligence are not enough. 

Treat your lifetron healing journey both as a process and magic and you will reach your heart felt goals sooner than later.