Did you know that the destiny of your entire life gets set before the age of 2?

A baby until the age of 2 does not have the left brain developed. The right brain is dominantly active. Right brain absorbs information through feelings, touch, and other senses. Based on the sensory information, the baby forms beliefs, decisions, perceptions of itself, and the world and people in it.

Am I good or am I bad?  Am I loved or am I hated? Are my needs being fulfilled? Do I feel punished when I am needy? Are people there to support me when I need them? ; Do I feel alone at times? Am I comforted when I feel scared or am I left to deal with it myself?

These are called intrinsic memories and intrinsic decisions.

Do you feel panic and not know what is causing it? Do you feel angry sometimes and are unable to point out why? Do you feel sad when someone leaves the house? Do you feel abused by an authority figure? Do you feel your partner does not care about you very much? These emotional experiences drive much of our life. These emotional experiences are stored in our intrinsic subconscious memory that we picked up before the age of 2.

Also, you will observe that you are experiencing the same challenges over and over again. These are due to the intense attractive force of the intrinsic memory patterns. These patterns are not easy to heal.

The good news is that with proper support, these patterns can be identified and healed.  Personal sessions with me are designed to uncover these intrinsic patterns and bring them to light so that you begin to heal.