Believe it or not new age spirituality is old religion dressed in new clothes. Same wrong understanding but said differently by different Gurus, Teachers and Healers who dress differently and speak a different language.

Every day I talk to clients who tell me that they have been doing spiritual work for 1,2,3,4,5 decades but have not made any major progress. When I ask them more about their thought patterns, I hear the same old religious ideas that have been promoted for over 2000 years. But instead of picking these ideas from church and other religious places, they are picking these up from radio shows, telesummits, new age speakers, and so on.

I highly recommend that you listen to the speakers, gurus, teachers. Make sure what they are saying “makes sense” to you. Don’t just depend on your emotions, but listen to your reasoning as well.

I am personally disgusted by the amount of mis-information that is promoted by many many teachers (unconsciously though) in this field. A few examples of lack of wisdom just to illustrate the point:


  • We chose this life of suffering in order to learn some lessons. Wrong. No soul in its right mind will “choose” a life of suffering. The good, bad and ugly in our life simply happens due to the laws of action and reaction. Negative patterns of thinking and believing create suffering. No one “chooses” suffering. This idea of “choosing to suffer” creates an additional element of guilt and self loathing that is completely unnecessary and detrimental to our wellbeing.
  • I must forgive others in order to become happy. Correct in concept, but this idea can backfire if applied at the wrong time in a person’s journey. Forgiveness is not the correct tool for everyone. It depends on where the person is at in their journey. If a person filled with anger and frustration is told to forgive, it will harm the person more than it will help. They will tend to suppress the emotion and hence damage their own body.
  • All healing energies are the same since they come from the same source. Wrong understanding. Just like in the physical world where there are infinite number of different energies, in the healing world there are infinite number of healing energies, each with its own properties. Electrical energy, nuclear energy, gravitational energy have very different qualities and properties. Similarly, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, Emotional Code Healing, Akashic Records Healing, Lifetron Healing, …, have very different properties. No two are alike.
  • Instant healing is possible. Yes, it is possible, but highly unlikely and even more unlikely that it  will be permanent. Even if a rapid healing happens, it is more likely that you will be back into the previous state rather quickly. Why, because your identity, you I AM, that caused the challenge in the first place does not change instantly. Changing identity is a slower process. For example, if you are unhealthy, then your deeper identity could be I AM unhealthy, I AM weak, I AM Sick or any number of different possibilities. Even if some one is able to heal a particular health issue instantly, your deeper identity is highly unlikely to change instantly. So the deeper identity will then create some other health challenge sooner or later. Healing of deeper identity is not an easy task and it requires time work and patience.
  • I am here to serve the world. Wrong. We are here to help ourselves first and foremost. In the process of helping ourselves if others get helped as well, that is a double bonus. But our primary objective is to help ourselves first. In many cases this need to serve others comes from a psychological and psychotic need of approval from other people.
  • I need to ascend to 4th, 5th, … 12th dimension, then my life will be better. What??? Even if there are these level, who knows, who cares. You have been put in this 3 dimensional world to grow and make your life better. Make your health better, relationships better, finances better and live a better life in this 3 dimensions first. Then worry about going to a higher dimension.

I cannot emphasize how important it is to have correct wisdom and support on our rather difficult and complicated journey of healing. With wrong knowledge and understandings we can continue to spin our wheels and never reach our goals. To reach our goals we need correct knowledge.

My own healing journey has been very hard, but I was very fortunate to have had highly accomplished teachers. The likes of teachers from the lineage of Yogananda Paramahamsa.

The quality of my knowledge and wisdom that I have gathered on my journey is quite unusual because I combine science and spirituality.

I am starting to share more and more of this wisdom through my webinars, radio interviews and one on one sessions with my clients. I have created youtube channel where I have posted my past webinars. On my website you will also find link to my past radio interviews.

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