Narcissism is a term I did not hear until a few years ago. Narcissism is a very very corrosive problem that plagues the entire society. In fact the entire human consciousness since the beginning of time. In recent times, I have seen a great deal of talk about this topic in psychology circles, which is great. However, to really heal from the aftermath of this abuse, we need to go beyond the mind and see the spiritual lessons hidden behind this problem.

Let me start with first saying that this is the most corrosive form of abuse designed by humans. Any other form of torture ever designed pales in comparison to this abuse. Why is the abuse so harsh to a human being? The short answer is that this abuse turns a human being against its own self. It starts the process of self destruction. In other forms of abuse at least there is someone else destroying you. However with this form of abuse, you end up destroying yourself.

I have worked with thousands of people who have experienced this form of abuse. 100% of these people have suffered from auto-immune diseases. Auto-immune means the body starts to destroy itself. The auto-immune diseases are reflecting the consciousness of self-destruction.

How does the narcissist accomplish the feat of turning a person against its own self and what is the purpose of doing this? To understand this, let us start with the basics. What is the core property of a narcissist. Who is a narcissist at the core of their being?

Narcissist is a person who has chosen to take a shortcut to developing self confidence. Self confidence is an essential property to living a fulfilling and abundant life. No child is inherently born with self confidence. We all have to go through a growth process to develop self confidence. The narcissist chooses to skip this process and use manipulation as a survival method. This is why a narcissist is essentially a leech in human form.

The  narcissist must carefully prepare the prey in order to maximize their benefits. The prey is usually their own offspring or their spouse. The moment the child is born the narcissist will start to prepare the mind of the child in order to ensure the long term survival of the narcissist. Neither a healthy child nor a dead child is useful to the long term survival of the narcissist. If the child becomes healthy, then eventually they will stop supporting the narcissist, which is not good for them. Of course if the child is dead that is not useful as well. They need to keep the child in an unhealthy state but not kill them.

How do they do this. Through Mind-Control. They create fear and self doubt in the mind of the child at a young age which makes the child dependent on the narcissist. Now the narcissist can control their mind in any direction they want for their self serving purposes. Self doubt is self destructive consciousness. It creates a tremendous amount of fear in the minds of the child.

Sounds familiar. Look around, Big Pharma, media companies, corrupt politicians, gun manufacturers,  defense contractors, religion all use the same techniques. All of these self serving corporations will use fear as a basis tool to create dependency in the minds of the people.

The defense contractors and gun manufacturers will create wars with outside forces or inside so that they can sell more weapons. The Big Pharma will actually create diseases to sell more drugs. For medical industry neither healthy people not dead people are profitable. Oil companies want you to guzzle oil at the expense of the planet. Religion is also on this list of narcissists, probably on the top. Why do you think they invented sin, heaven, hell, and god. Religion is the longest standing money making industry in the world and the most destructive of all. 




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