There are many different types of personalities, but there is one personality that stands out; it is that of a narcissist.

A narcissist is a person who is highly manipulative in nature, almost like a chameleon. They are deeply wounded inside, but they know how to disguise themselves in any situation so that their wounds are never exposed.

They have almost taken an oath inside that they will never let anyone see their pain. This makes them not only un-healable, but it also makes them dangerous. In their attempt to hide their wounds, they will project their mental sickness on to other people. Especially on people who are susceptible, such as an empath.

The empath is a person who is more than willing to take on other people’s pain and problems. An empath feels victimized all the time, is pleasing in nature, self-doubting, anxious, depressed, etc. So, an empath has his or her own issues as well.

A narcissist and an empath get attracted to each other and an energetic bond is formed between them. This relationship is so complex that it is very hard to see which one is the narcissist and which the empath.

My general rule of thumb is that the narcissist is usually physically healthy for their age and an empath is not. There are complex energetic dynamics that play out for this physical health disparity to happen … too long to explain here.

This can be seen even between parents and children. There are many cases where a child gets sick because one of the parents has a narcissistic personality.

If you fall in the category of an empath, you have a tough road ahead of you. You will get beaten down at every level of your being. Things get harder and harder over time. There is much learning for you, but very hard lessons. Learn to take care of yourself and get help if you can. It is unlikely that you will be able to come out of this toxic relationship without significant support.

Why is it so difficult to come out of such relationships? Because your mind got tampered with at a young age. You lost trust in yourself and lost your identity. Without a well-formed identity and self-confidence life becomes very complex and difficult.

On the bright side, an empath is on the side of Truth. They are sincere and honest people. They are survivors, and have more courage and confidence than they realize. Empaths are the people who have the capacity to change the world for the better (if they survive).

If you are on the narcissistic side, know that it is ok to get help to heal your wounds. By doing this you will make your life and your children’s lives better and those of future generations.

Both personality types need to realize that they need to heal their wounds. If you choose not to heal, ultimately you will pay a very heavy price for it (if you are not already paying for it). No one gets away with unhealed wounds.

“Ultimately it is not about labels, it is about finding peace within” – Michael Allenbright

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