What is Miracle Healing?

Miracle Healing, is a proprietary and highly sophisticated energy healing process to bring about physical and emotional healing for a client. The healing is mostly performed through my own spiritual powers. The client is not required to do much work in this healing process and the healing is all done remotely.

Since the energy is coming from the realm of Universal Grace, Love and Goodness, any and all forms of diseases or issues can be healed. Even the so called un-healable diseases. This healing method is completely safe, kind and gentle and it works for everyone: children, pets, adults, seniors.

Please note that Miraculous Healing does NOT mean instantaneous healing. It means that issues that were considered un-healable or very difficult to heal can be healed through this process.



Pricing and Sign Up

If you are interested in this program please contact me. I only take a limited number of cases at a time. The pricing is dependent on the case.

Example Cases for this Healing Program

Heart Murmur Healed for Newborn

“My grandson was born on Nov. 30, 2013. He was 10 lbs, 21 1/2 inches, so he was a big boy.  Apparently the doctors did not know how big he was; his mother is a tiny thing, too.  So, her labor stalled out.  She ended up with a fever and an infection which she passed to the baby.  It also ended up in a C-section.  We were all worried, of course, especially when we learned he had a heart-murmur.  He was in the neonatal ICU for almost a week.

Two days after his birth, I requested Sanjay to do a miracle treatment for him – I figured he really needed it. He improved so well that he went home after one week.  When he went back for his appointment, his heart murmur was completely gone and he was doing great!  I am so grateful that he is a normal, healthy baby boy.  And I am also grateful for Sanjay for being there for him!”  * - SH, Texas, Feb. 2014

31 year Chronic Back Pain Gone in 2 weeks !!

“I had experienced back problems since 1983.  In 1992, the problems became much worse after a motor vehicle accident. Despite many courses of physical therapy and chiropractic visits, I was in constant pain with periods of as much as two months at a time when I would be bedridden due to pain so severe I was unable to walk. Since 1992, I was literally in pain every minute of every day of my life…until early August 2014.  That was one week after Sanjay did an Miracle Treatment for my back pain.  It has been over three months now and I am still pain free.  This is truly a miracle.  Every day now I thank God for sending Sanjay into my life.” * - Beth

Severe Anxiety Gone - 2 Weeks

“I have a long standing anxiety issue which has been present despite many other practices I do. On a scale of 0-10 my anxiety was at a level 10. So I decided to do an Miracle Treatment with Sanjay.

Within 2 weeks I can confidently say that the anxiety which has been present in one form or another is completely gone. I might get a little anxious here and there but it quickly dissipates by itself. I was even unusually calm after my son phoned me to tell me he was robbed a few weeks ago.” * - Irene

Chronic Migraine Headaches Gone

I used to have migraines and severe headaches since the age of 10 or 11. I am 43 now. I did a Miracle Treatment for the migraines. I am very happy to report that the migraines and headaches are completely gone. I have not had a migraine in the last two months. * - Patricia

Great Improvement in Crohns Disease

“My daughter Lisa has been suffering from Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis for nearly 5 years. The unpredictable nature of her bowel movements has created a lot of stress and anxiety for her. The worry only exacerbates the matter and has affected the health of her skin as well. She has been unable to exercise or stand on her feet for too long without swelling and pain. Her diet has become increasingly more restrictive and bland, and she has lost joy in eating. Now Lisa is on her 3rd month of Miracle treatment and things are improving. She is back to her normal weight and feeling happier. Her stress around eating is starting to subside and she is finding enjoyment in incorporating a variety of foods and flavors back into her diet. She has greatly improved over this last month and I pray some day her life will be free from the pain of Crohn’s.” * - Mary

Blocked Portal Vein to Liver

Eram’s mom has been suffering from Liver Cirrhosis for over 20 years. Liver issues combined with other factors causes blood to clot in the Portal Vein resulting a blockage in the Vein. This is a critical situation which can cause the Portal Vein to burst and backup fluid in the digestive system. Doctors said that there was NO hope for recovery. However, within 2 weeks of Sanjay's Miracle treatment here is what Eram reported:

“Great news: Mom’s endoscopy reflected no issues whatsoever. We then got an ultrasound and her portal vein is now open and has a reasonable flow. Fluid in stomach and lungs negligible. This is truly miraculous as it takes her out of the “critical ” condition zone”. - Eram Saeed *

Type II Diabetes: From 280 to 150 in 2 weeks !!

“I have had Type II Diabetes for over 15 years. Despite the medications and diet control my numbers were in the upper 200’s to 300’s. I did a treatment with Sanjay for the Diabetes. I am happy to report that within two weeks of the treatment my numbers have come down to 150, a drop of more than a 100 points. This is truly a miracle!! "

Crippled Leg Healed

“My cat Sophia had a crippled Right hind leg, Low energy, Spinal/skeletal deformities , and possibly symptoms of Addison’s disease. Sanjay did the Miracle Treatment for her for a month and now she is completely healed and healthy. It is truly a miracle!!!” * Frank

* Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person. This is NOT a replacement for professional medical care. Please consult your healtcare professional for all  your healthcare needs. Please read the full disclaimer HERE.