Christmas time reminds me that behind all the emotional garbage I picked up over the years, there is an innocence in me which is asking for things that bring me joy. The Universe being symbolized as Santa Claus is more than willing to give those gifts to me. However, I do have to get in touch with that innocent part of me and ask the Universe for what I want.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Christmas reminds me of the magic that is everywhere in the Universe. Magic that is accessible only by the childlike innocence within us. This place of magic cannot be accessed with negative emotions covering our consciousness. 

For most adults the innocent part of us has been deeply buried and long forgotten. Buried behind all the negative emotions such as anger, frustrations, disappointments, sadness, depression, hatred, etc, etc. 

The good news is that this place of magic is simply buried, but not gone. With some work we can excavate the child like innocence, excitement and wonder back into our conscious awareness. From this place of awareness, magic begins.

Being in the healing field for many years, I can say with confidence that Lifetron Healing is probably the closest to what we symbolically call Santa Claus. You put your list of needs and intentions and the lifetron healing system clears your consciousness and fulfills your needs.

It does take some time and patience to clear our consciousness though. We have put on layers and layers of covers over our hearts from lifetimes of negativity. However, if you patiently stay the course, you will reap the rewards. No major practices required.