Would you believe me if I said Love is a form of Universal Energy and NOT just an emotion?

Love is NOT an emotion because emotions are always changing. Two people “fall in Love,” can’t wait to get married. Six months later after the honeymoon is over, they can’t wait to get separated. This is NOT Love. This is just a flaky human emotion.

Love is an Energy just like electricity and magnetism. It is a supremely intelligent and highest form of Universal energy. It is the energy that makes your heart beat and liver function even without your awareness.

Can you, your doctors, your knowledge, your vitamins and supplements, your practices, your meditation, or any form of self-effort make your heart beat without the support of this energy?

iZone Energy is inherently the energy of Love.

You may ask, how can an electronic device transmit Love? Well, if you think of Love as an emotion then there is no way an electronic device can transmit a human emotion.

But if you think of Love as a form of Universal Energy, then Love can be transmitted by an electronic device, the iZone Device. Just like beautiful music can be transmitted through radio waves over long distances.

Every living being needs Love energy to grow properly. Without the energy of Love, a living being cannot survive for too long. Our consciousness especially needs Love energy to develop.

Love is NOT knowledge either.

The whole world has gone crazy with knowledge. There are 7 steps to this and 10 steps to that, anywhere you look. There’s probably a 7-step process to even learn to Love. Just do a Google search for “7 Steps to.” There are over 880 million results.

Love CANNOT be learned through knowledge. Love is NOT a concept that you can learn in a class or a book. Love can only be learned through the presence of Love.

Most people relate to Love as an emotion, which is not at all Love. Most of the planet does not even know what Love is because our psyche is unable to comprehend something for which there is no reference point. Our consciousness needs to develop enough to be able to even comprehend what Love means.

Especially for people who were unfortunately born in a physical or emotionally abusive environment, Love is just an empty word. I was one of them, endlessly searching for Love. But I had no idea what Love was. It was like my soul was groping for something in the dark. Not even knowing what I was looking for.


Two Types of Challenges

The presence of iZone Energy in your life does NOT mean there will be no challenges. There are two types of challenges: regenerative challenges and degenerative challenges.

Regenerative challenges help us develop our self-confidence, self-esteem, our inner strength, take appropriate action, and understand our own self. As an analogy, when we exercise, old muscle connections break and new and stronger ones are formed. Exercise is a form of regenerative challenge that you go through willingly because you know it is good for you.

Degenerative challenges, on the other hand, are ones which reduce our self-confidence, break up our hopes, diminish our self-worth and create more confusion about own self. For example, having a prolonged chronic disease, unhealthy relationships, unhealthy career, various forms of addictions, unhealthy thought and belief patterns are forms of degenerative challenges. They internally break us down if we stay in them for too long.

The main function of iZone Energy is to help you transition from degenerative challenging situations to regenerative growth.

Regenerative challenges may be uncomfortable, but degenerative challenges are million times worse –  they are life depleting, life threatening.

Wake up my Friends before it is too late.

What is even worse is that people don’t realize that they are caught up in a vicious degenerative and life threatening cycle until it is too late. When people finally wake up and realize that life is getting really bad, then they start to struggle and start to look for miracles and overnight fixes.


“99.99% of your creation is complete before you see ANY physical evidence of it.”



People go from healer to healer, prayer to prayer, one class to another, one teacher to another. None of this takes them out of the vicious cycle that they are caught up in. Life keeps getting worse because the grip of the degenerative cycle has become too strong to break free from.

Don’t reach a point of no return. You can stop the degenerative cycle. Join the iZone Healing Program today.

Don’t try to save money. Trying to save some money will not save your life if you are caught up in a deadly cycle.


Waiting for a Miracle to Happen?

There is NO such thing as a miracle. Miracles happen when your consciousness reaches a certain point of evolution. To reach that point where miracles become possible takes time and patience. Any which way you look at it, you are here on this planet to grow. You cannot skip growth process on this planet.

You can grow the hard way or the relatively easy way; your choice. iZone Energy healing program is as close to a miracle as you are going to get on this planet, until you transition to a higher vibrational planetary form that I call Euphoria.