“There is no such thing as physical disease. All diseases originate in the mind and the emotions” – Sanjay Nimar

I am starting a LIVE online workshop series where we will bring to greater awareness and do special emotional healing work to remove some of the sources of the diseases in each workshop. For now the plan is to do one workshop every month.

First Workshop Title: Fear of Punishment as a major cause of diseases

Date and Time: January 28th at 12:00 PM US Pacific Time

Description: Many of us have grown up in an environment where one or both parents were emotionally and/or physically abusive. This abuse during childhood leaves a horrific trauma in the psyche. Emotional abuse comes in many many forms. Even subtle emotional abuse can leave a trauma in the psyche that haunts us for the rest of the life. Even though you may not see the events as trauma now as an adult, but as a child the subconscious mind registered these events as traumas. You will find the effects of this trauma in the almost all forms of physical and emotional diseases. These trauma’s are the cause of financial, career and relational issues as well.

Please mark your calendar. I will send a reminder email along with the login information one day before the workshop. This is going to be an interactive workshop.

The workshop is going to be available to the participants of Lifetron Healing subscription program. If you wish to have access to this workshop, please join the Lifetron Healing Subscription by going to my website.

Why you should join and subscribe to the Lifetron Energy

– The constant presence of Energy of Grace for some extended time is necessary for any meaningful healing to happen. Healing is a process. If you are looking for quick fixes, this is not for you.

– I have created a low price and low energy subscription as well to make it accessible to more people.

– The Live Workshops, have the knowledge and healing that you will not find anywhere. I have a Universe given talent of communicating complex psychological issues in the form of simple spiritual truths along with a healing energy that makes it easier to absorb the truth.

– Even the “spiritual teachings” these days contain a lot of untruthful ideas that keep us stuck for decades. In these workshops I will help you to heal these as well. As an example, the idea of forgiveness is very prevalent in spiritual circles. Forgiveness is effective in only certain circumstances and at certain levels of awareness, not all. There are far more effective ways to heal the early childhood traumas than to constantly struggle with forgiving the perpetrator.

– My being shines a light of truth that illuminates and heals the dark areas of your subconscious mind. The time you spend with me during these workshops you will find them priceless.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

With Love,