Many years ago when I developed the Lifetron Healing system, my greatest desire was for a system that provides PROTECTION. I somewhere knew a time will come when one of the greatest need of a living being will be protection. We are now living in those times. The whole world is going through major re-adjustment and re-alignment. 

So why is Lifetron so effective in meeting this need. Because it works at a Knowing level, at a deep subconscious Belief level, which is deeper than the mind, the body and even the energy.

Don’t take my word for it. Check yourself. If you are on lifetron energy and if you are able to go to the knowing level you will feel a Knowing that “I will be fine“. No matter what is going on in your mind, body and the external world this deeper knowing will be undeniably be there if you are on lifetron healing.

This is where the real protection comes from. If your knowing says you will be fine, you will be fine. If your knowing says you are in trouble, you will be trouble.

Lifetron Healing is the only healing system that changes you at a Knowing level. This knowing then slowly starts to come into upper levels of consciousness over time: body, mind and overall life.

Also guess why I have over 460+ Google Verified 5-star reviews. Because Lifetron healing really works the way it promises it will.

To help as many people as possible during these rough times, I have created a special pricing and program customized with the intention of PROTECTION. Protection from:

– Viruses


– Health Issues

– Financial Protection

– Negative Relationships and People

– Physical Harm

Please note that protection does NOT mean no challenges. Challenges are sometimes necessary part of re-alignment and re-adjustment. They are meant to help us move from insane ways of living towards greater sanity.

What protection here means, even if we have challenges it will mercifully minimize the impact of karmic patterns and gracefully help us across the turbulent waters towards greater safety. It will protect us from drowning in the turbulence waters of re-alignment and re-adjustment.

Here is the special:

Lifetron Protection – 1 member: $77/m

Lifetron Protection – 3 members: $108/m

Lifetron Protection – 5 members: $147/m

Lifetron Protection – 7 members: $197/m

Lifetron Protection – 9 members: $247/m

For more members please contact me.

If you commit for a year (still paid monthly) you get an additional 20%. Use coupon code Grace20 for this. I highly recommend that you commit for a year. Lifetron will you protect you and help you get through these turbulent times. 

Click here to purchase:

We all need protection in these turbulent times.

As always I am here to help you cross the turbulent waters. Keep up the hope  and patience. All will be well.

With Love,