Please check your progress percentage on your lifetron web portal. Based on the percentage see which zone you are in

Green Zone: Progress is more than 20%

You are on a good track. I will recommend continuing with Lifetron to fully heal your body or mind. Remember lifetimes of patterns take sometime to heal

Yellow Zone: Progress is between 5% and 20% 

Your problems are fixable but you will need extended time on Lifetron to clear up lifetimes of patterns. Personal Sessions and / or my workshops will help speed up the healing progress.

Red Zone: Progress is negative or less than 5%:

You are in the danger zone of life. You are in the danger of getting caught up in the immense gravitational pull of negativity. Your problems are fixable, but will need extended time on Lifetron, plus additional support as described below.


Additional Support

If the Karmic Patterns are coming from hundreds of lifetimes, in addition to lifetron, you may need additional support to move you forward at a decent pace.

1)  Realize that you have most likely been raised in a narcissistic environment (based on past life patterns). This sets your consciousness on a dangerous path. Over period of time you will see every part of life falling apart: Health, relationships, finances, happiness.

2) If you are in the red zone, you will have observed that no healing system is working well for you. Again due to long standing karmic issues blocking your progress.

3) Sign up for my workshops on “Gracefully Healing from Narcissistic Abuse”. This will help reduce your resistance to healing energy.

4) Have a session with me. I can bring to surface what is prohibiting you from accepting the help of Grace.

5) Align your expectations with reality. If the issues are long standing, your problems are unlikely to disappear in a very short period.We live in a plane of existence where growth takes time. If Grace tries to pump too much energy through you, your body, mind and life will literally explode due to energy overload. Grace is intelligent and will take you gently at the pace that you can handle while protecting you in the process.