Let me show you an entirely different perspective on how the emotion of anger can help set you free.

The emotion of anger is a powerful energy that can be used to set yourself free or it can be used to hurt you. Just like electricity can be life giving or life taking, depending on how we use it.

“Anger is an energy of separation. If used properly it can help us separate from dictatorship, tyranny or old harmful traditions. It can help us become free and move us towards greater self-love.”

– Sanjay Nimar

Have you experienced anger with your parents, significant other, your boss, or any other relationship?

The anger is an alarm signal that is telling you that something is off in the relationship that needs to be fixed. It is indicating that you need to learn to take greater care of yourself.

Processing the anger in a way that is beneficial for us is a 2 step process:

Step 1. When anger arises, look at its cause. What is triggering the anger? At its root, anger is telling you that someone is intruding into your energy field.

Have you ever gotten near a mother goose who has little babies? The mother instantly goes on alert and starts to hiss with anger to ward off the danger. In the case of humans, the danger is not clear. A great deal of wisdom and clarity is required to identify the danger.

A few examples of danger could be:

  • Your emotional needs are not being met. If this continues for an extended duration, it leads to greater and greater unhappiness.
  • A relationship is inhibiting you from growing to your full potential. This can result in loss of your dreams and life purpose.
  • You are giving too much and not getting enough back in return. This can leave you depleted after a while.
  • You are being emotionally or physically manipulated by self-serving narcissists. This can lead to loss of self-worth and self-esteem.


Step 2. Identify appropriate action to resolve the situation that is causing the anger. Just a few examples of appropriate action could be:

  • Clarify the issue and work it out with the other side to make sure that the needs of both sides are met properly.
  • Bring someone in who can help resolve the conflict.
  • Build compassion towards the other party and see if that helps.
  • Make compromises that are acceptable to both sides.
  • Leave the relationship.

All this is easier said than done. However, identifying the causes and appropriate actions from a spiritual standpoint help resolve the problem with much greater ease than otherwise would be possible. Be open to looking at anger from a spiritual perspective.