The purpose of life has changed over human history. Initially when humans came into existence the purpose of life was to survive and procreate. Early humans had a hard time surviving due to disease, and dangers of the wild.

When this purpose was sufficiently accomplished, then the purpose changed to expansion. People wanted more of land, and resources. This was accomplished through wars. In the last 2000 years human history has seen a lot of expansion wars.

After expansion came the purpose of fun and enjoyment. We all wanted to have more fun and pleasures in life. This became the purpose. The last 200 years humans have been trying to have more and more fun. We started to have fun at an unprecedented rate. Parties, sex, food, bigger houses, bigger cars, addictions and so on. Mega cities like Las Vegas have been created so that people can have more fun instantly.

In the last 30 years, a new purpose has started to begin. That of healing. Why, because we started to realize that fun was actually leading to destruction. Look around. We are destroying the planet in the name of more fun. Bigger houses than we need, bigger cars than we need, more food than the body can take, and so on.

Here is the problem. We have started to shift towards healing, but we are still mesmerized by the idea of fun. Deep inside we still want to have more fun.

Healing has actually become a means to more fun.

“Only if I have more money and more health, then I can have more parties, sex, food and enjoy my addictions.” 

New industries have come into existence to cater to this craving of insanity around having more fun. Industry such as the law of attraction has come into existence. They promise that if you visualize it you can have a bigger house, a bigger car, a beautiful body and a sexy partner.

I hear many well known and high profile law of attraction teachers talk about having fun as the purpose of life. Because they are trying to sell you more fun, fast and easy. We all want more fun yesterday. So we are primed to get sucked into these marketing games.

This insanity is all going to come crashing down. Do you remember the housing market crash in the US in early 2000s. Majority of the people went broke and homeless. There are a few on the top that made mega bucks.

Same is happening in the spiritual healing industry. Majority of the people are going broke and homeless with this idea of healing so that they can have more fun instantly. We will sooner or later find out that this does not work, hopefully before we destroy our lives.

So here is the wisdom on how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from destroying their lives.

What is the real purpose of life?

The  purpose of life is to find JOY.

There is a fine line between joy and fun consciousness. They are very similar, yet very different. Joy comes from fulfillment, where as traditional definition of “fun” comes from un-fulfillment. We try to stuff ourselves with food and other pleasures because we are unhappy within our own selves.

Combine healing and fun and that becomes joy. A journey of having fun while healing.

To get joy in our lives, we need to fully align with our true nature. I am not talking about our divine nature but the different and unique nature that each one of us was born with.

That is the true purpose of life and that is the true meaning of healing. The Universe has NO interest in how much fun and pleasures are going to have in life. It only cares about your true healing. If our intention is mis-aligned with the intention of the Universe, we will guaranteed suffer, till we get are hearts, mind and will aligned with the intention of the Universe.

Now here is next problem. Aligning with our true nature is NOT an easy task due to all the mis-programmings we have been through as a human race. It takes patience, time and work. In most cases, it takes several lifetimes to align.

Lifetron healing system is the ONLY healing system that I know of that helps you align with your true nature.Even if there are other healing systems, they are very very slow in healing. At least that has been my experience and I have been around the block for many many years :). Also almost 100% of my clients tell me that they have been trying different healing modalities for over 30 to 50 years and have seen very little progress .

In summary, if you make “fun” as the purpose of life, you will destroy your life. You will feel unfulfilled, you will always be a victim of time. You will always be looking for short cuts because there is so much more fun to have out there. You will always feel you are missing out on fun. You will get off from your healing path and suffer because you are mis-aligned with the intention of the Universe. Even eternity is not enough to fill our stomach for fun.

On the other hand if you make healing as the main purpose of life, you will find joy and fulfillment. Both spiritual and material abundance will come naturally to you. You will have patience on this healing journey which is a very complex journey. You have eternity to heal so take your time and do your work with wisdom, guidance and support all the while listening to your own heart.

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