This is a sequel and an enhancement to the previous workshop I did in August on healing fears and childhood traumas – Part 1. 

Deep traumas get setup in early childhood. Then from the ages of 3 to 40 roughly most people are just trying to survive. Many people start to experience severe challenges after the age of 40: catastrophic physical health, relationships, and finances issues. These challenges keep increasing over time.

My goal with these workshops is to help people transform from barely surviving towards thriving.

No healing method that I know of addresses this transformation effectively. There is a lot out there that talks about transformation: Religion, spirituality, psychotherapy, energy healing, etc. However, in my experience none of these truly help people transform. Because each of these modalities look at only one part of the human self. None of these look at the totality of a human being.

To truly transform we need to integrate ALL aspects of a human self, not just pieces. When we look at the whole picture, the solutions become a lot more simpler than otherwise.

Workshop, Healing Deep Fears and Childhood Traumas: From Surviving to Thriving

Description: We live in a world that is overwhelmed with fear. Fear is a highly creative negative force. Fear is an energy that keeps attracting more and more fear. It is the energy that creates ALL forms of challenges in life.

  • Learn about the purpose of fear emotion and how to shift from fear to safety.
  • Learn about the paradox of healing.
  • Learn about the several layers of human consciousness and why they are important.
  • Learn what is common in all traumas of life.
  • Learn how and why we self create ALL challenges in life.
  • Learn about some of the core beliefs that keep creating challenges.
  • Learn how to shift from challenge creation mode to wellness creation mode.
  • The spiritual lessons behind all these challenges
  • A Healing energy will be transmitted during the entire workshop
  • Q&A