If you truly wish to change the direction of life, I highly highly recommend that you watch this video all the way to the end. It contains unusual wisdom presented in very simple way, that will alter the course of your destiny if you understand and implement it.

If you want to make your life pleasant and joyful all the time, perfect health, reach immortality, love, joy, wonderful relationships, abundance, meaning you want to create heaven on Earth, incorporating this highly unusual wisdom in your life is going to be very helpful. This is extraordinary wisdom explained simple and easy to understand way.

The source of all our suffering is rooted in something called Fragmentation of our Consciousness. This fragmentation happens at a very young age based on past life experiences, ancestral programmings, childhood experiences and so on. The fragmentation in turn is the result of the duality of our existence on this planet: Good and Evil ; Hot and Cold ; Happiness and Sadness, Love and Hate, Health and Sickness, Heaven and Hell, Life and Death etc. We live in a dualistic world.

Going beyond duality we need to learn to live beyond the mental ideas of Good and Evil. I totally love the story of Adam and Eve from the old testament. In that story God tells Adam and Eve that you can live in heaven as long as you don’t eat the fruit from the tree of Good and Evil. In this story God is referring to heaven as the state of consciousness which is beyond Good and Evil. The true state of bliss and immortality.

To reach enlightenment and immortality, we need to go beyond the dualistic consciousness. In the life beyond dualistic consciousness is complete bliss, health, wellbeing and abundance all the time.

If you look deep inside, your soul is craving to reach such a state of consciousness. Because this is the true purpose of life. You are not looking for joy sometime, you looking for peace and joy and satisfaction ALL the time. And it is accomplishable. But you must work towards it.

The work is done in this Earthly existence, by trying to heal our struggles and challenges and seeking fulfillment of our God given desires. So go for it. I am here to support you in your journey of seeking joy.

Here is the workshop that will help you on this path of seeking joy.