Today is my birthday and I want you to celebrate it along with me in spirit, or if you are in San Francisco, in person. Today I am one more year refined and stronger.

Today I feel more alive than previous birthdays. I feel life is a gift, feel I have a purpose in my life, and I feel empowered to create a life that I want to live.

I want to share the key lessons I have “realized” in the last year of maturing:

– I am not a victim of any circumstance. There have been many challenges, but I have learned to own my role in those challenges. Giving power to those challenges outside of my own self is completely against the truth of the Universe.

– I have been gifted with the power to change my life circumstances. This is true for everyone regardless of their circumstances.

– I am equal to everyone else. I have learned to look everyone in the eye, one human to another.

– The value and need of having high-quality support from living teachers who are ahead of me in the growth process. I will not be here without the support of my teachers. Mind is too complex a mechanism to tackle on my own.

If you wish, share your birthday with me by clicking the following link. I will like to celebrate your birthday along with you.