Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your loved ones.

Usually when I give thanks, my focus and consciousness is directed outwards. Giving thanks to God, Universe or some higher power for bringing all the good in my life. This is a powerful way to raise our consciousness. 

However, this Thanksgiving try another way to give thanks. It just might take your life to a new level of wellbeing. 

Give thanks to your own self. Instead of putting consciousness on something outside, put positive attention to your own self. As you may know, anything you put positive attention on, grows.

For people who grew up with critical parents, this might be a difficult task. We become used to criticizing ourselves. This is simply a bad habit that we pick up as children.

Criticism is a negative attention that undermines our well being at every level of our existence. A negative energy that harms us. Just like positive attention helps us grow, negative attention diminishes us.

The unfortunate part of growing up in a critical environment is that we keep attracting similar situations repeatedly in life. Why? Because we learn to criticize ourselves internally. Like attracts like. Internal critic will attract external critics.

Our body also responds to the internal critic. Every cell of our body listens to the inner voices. In the constant presence of internal critic the cells of the body begin to shrink and degenerate. While the opposite happens in the presence of the inner appreciator. Choose the voice of the inner appreciator.

However, we need to be careful when choosing inner voices. If the inner appreciator is a fake appreciator then we will turn out to be arrogant and confused people. Have you experienced or seen parents faking appreciation to the children. Believing if they appreciate their children the children will turn out well. The truth is a fake appreciation which does not have positive feeling associated with it, harms the child.

In fact fake appreciation can be more harmful than criticism. Why? Because the child develops a sense of delusion. They grow up not knowing what is right or wrong, good or bad, beneficial or harmful. This kind of delusion has serious consequences on the growth of the child.

This thanksgiving, give yourself genuine appreciation. In fact make everyday a self thanksgiving day and see how your life changes. You just might be pleasantly surprised smile.