Guilt is the most powerful weapon ever designed by humans. Regular weapons destroy a human body, however, guilt destroys the SOUL of a person, which ultimately leads to destruction of every aspect of a human life: Health, relationships, self worth, finances and happiness. 

I am becoming more and more convinced that all health issues are rooted in the consciousness of guilt. The energy of guilt attacks its own body.

Let us first define what guilt really is. Guilt is a method of punishment applied to control human behavior with the intention of benefitting the abuser in some way. It is applied to very young children in order to discipline them as they are growing up. Guilt is a state of consciousness that makes a person feel they are undeserving of a good life. That there is something wrong with them at the deepest level of their being. Not just at a behavioral level, but at a soul level.

When deeply internalized, the consciousness of guilt energetically attracts punishment.

The seed of guilt is installed in human consciousness at a very young age. This seed starts to grow over time if given the right conditions. In a dysfunctional family the idea of guilt is reinforced over and over again till it becomes the identity of a person: I am guilty, I am bad, I am unworthy, …

Let us dig deeper into the intent and purpose of designing such a state of consciousness. Guilt is a human construct. Why was guilt even designed in the first place. As with many ideas and concepts designed by humans, guilt was started with a misguided but good intention. Over period of time people with malicious intent started to abuse guilt for their own benefit.

The original intent of guilt to was to create a self regulating state of consciousness that will protect people from physically harming each other and destroying their own communities. It was a system of rules to police the community. This was before organized law enforcement was developed in societies. Anytime anyone broke a rule, they were publicly shamed by the elders and other members of the community. The more people saw this public shaming the stronger became the power of the guilt mechanism.

Guilt is rooted in the idea that punishment is necessary to correct human behavior and there is no other way. As a human race, we are evolving quite rapidly and I believe it is time that we get beyond the idea of punishment as a method of correcting human behavior.

There is a far superior way to correct human behavior: Love. However, for this method to be effective, the concept of Love needs to be clearly understood. Love is force that helps make a human being become a better person not worse. It is not just a human emotion that is typically symbolized by hugs and kisses. Love includes both Consequences and Grace.

If someone does something that is not in their own best interest or the best interest of others, then they must be allowed to face the consequences of their actions. That is true love. For example a young adult who has engaged in criminal activities, must be allowed to be incarcerated so that he or she gets time to think and correct their behavior. The parents must allow this to happen rather than bail out the child every time. This is love for the child.

The most important thing to remember is that Love is a state of consciousness and NOT the action itself. The above action of incarceration done from the state of consciousness of Love will have a positive effect on the child. If the same exact action done from a state of consciousness of hatred and punishment will have a completely opposite effect. The child will become a bigger criminal in such a case. You see at the end of the day, it is all about consciousness and nothing else.

If you have been on the receiving end of guilt, shame and blame, you know how harmful it is to the soul and your well being. You must put every ounce of your resources to get yourself rid of any form of guilt. The consequences of carrying guilt in our hearts are significant. Here are few ideas that can help you overcome the feeling of guilt.

Let me start with an example. A news flash comes in: “Joe shot and killed a man. He must be severely punished”. If we remove the context of this action, a very noble act can become a horrible crime. Was Joe a soldier who shot an enemy, was Joe being threatened by another criminal, did Joe kill a robber and so on. Without the context it is very easy to come to wrong conclusions and punish an innocent person.

If you are dealing with guilt, put your actions in context and see if it makes sense or not. The context can completely change your perception. What you considered guilt can potentially transform into something much less severe. If you are blaming someone else do the same thing for them, for your own sake. Holding on to anger for someone else is energetically as devastating to you as self blame. Of course this does not mean you continue to take abuse from them, it simply means that you are freeing yourself up so that you can move forward in life.

Evaluate your core values and those of the abuser. Let me give you another example. My mother was uneducated so her need, desire and emphasis was disproportionately inclined towards education. If I got bad grades for any reason, it was treated as a felony and the punishment was severe. I grew up with an extreme fear of performance. At any “failure”, I was blamed, shamed and guilted to no end. Love and acceptance was withheld. I was treated as a “no good” person. This became deeply internalized thought process with quite serious consequences as life went on.

Bringing  the understanding that traditional education was not my thing and that my skills, talents and values are very different from those of my parents, brought me much relief from the misguided guilt that got established at a young age. The guilt of not meeting my parents expectations was slowly put to rest.

We are not meant to live life in a perpetual state of guilt and regret. The Universe wants us to learn, grow and move on. Even if you believe you did something that was truly wrong, remind yourself that you cannot rectify the past, you can only learn from your mistakes and create a better future. Get over the feeling of guilt and move on. 

To recap, guilt is a method of punishment to change human behavior in order to meet the selfish needs of the abuser. There is no other purpose to it. Guilt is always destructive, it does not even help the abuser.. It always makes things worse for everyone involved. Why is guilt always destructive? Because it is coming from the consciousness of self centeredness and punishment.

Love is the only meaningful state of consciousness. Apply it in every situation. It grows every time you exercise that muscle.

If I can help you get over guilt and regret, it will be my pleasure. Contact me if you need my help.

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