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1. Why do I feel the energy sometime and not always?

There can be several reasons for this:

1) Lifetron energy unlike other forms of energy is hugely out of the frequency range of human sensor perception. It works at very deep subconscious levels which is very all our past life karmic patterns are stored.

2) What sometimes people feel is the effect of the energy not the energy itself. It has a relative calming effect. However, due our fast paced and stressful day to day life that feeling can get hidden. However, the energy will continue to raise our vibration over time. 

3) Our body and mind can get used to the calming effect of the energy. Just like if we get into a warm shower on a cold day, we strongly feel the good feeling of the warm water. But then the body gets used to the warm water and it does not feel it that strongly anymore. This does not mean the water is not warm and not doing its job of relaxing your body and mind. The energy continues to bring you comfort and you will notice your feelings and thoughts becoming positive over a period of time.

4) The lifetron energy is designed to be a slow mode healing. As an analogy the difference between pressure cooking vs slow simmer cooking. Slow simmer cooking really brings out the flavor. Lifetron changes a person’s personality at a deeper level so that their true potential starts to show up over period of time. Also, people don’t realize how dangerous fast healing can be and how much better slower healing is. See my blog article:

5. Feeling a constant “high” on the energy can be dangerous. It is like trying to run 24 hours a day. Our bodies need time to assimilate the deep changes that the energy is bringing. All the new habits and behavioural changes need time to integrate into our daily life.

6. Healing and Having Fun are entirely different life objectives. Healing eventually leads to joy, which is the purpose of life, but “having fun” eventually leads to disease. Read my full article here


2. Does this energy have any side effects
There are no side effects. Only healing always. However note that healing process may not be always pleasant. There are old patterns that the energy will try to flush and heal. Sometimes this process may feel uncomfortable.

Please know that flushing the poison from your body may be uncomfortable for a short period, but if left in the body, the poison will kill you eventually.

Another reason that some uncomfortable pattern comes up (like a cold), is that your mind is not used to energy of Grace (the good feeling energy). So the mind tends to create slightly uncomfortable situations to take you back to the feeling state you were before the energy started. Don’t worry, Grace will heal this as well over sometime. As you become more and more used to feeling better, such uncomfortable states will not come up or become less.

The energy of Grace is far more intelligent than the human mind. Give it time and let it do its job.

3. What do I do if some uncomfortable pattern comes up?
All pain and discomfort originates from suppressed and poisonous emotions. To release these patterns, vocalize them. Say your emotion without judging them. This will help you release the emotion from your body and mind.
4. There are many people with same name as me. How does the energy find me?
Consciousness is an extremely intelligent medium of communication. It connects all things and people in the Universe. The lifetron device connects with the realm of consciousness. To send the energy, lifetron device puts the name of the recipient on the lifetron particle and delivers it into this infinitely intelligent network. The realm of consciousness knows who and where to deliver this particle.

Just as an analogy, when you pray to Jesus, the realm of consciousness knows to delivery that prayer to “The Jesus” and not to the jesus who lives next door to your house.

The intelligence is built into the realm of consciousness.

5. I have many issues: Relationship, Health, Finances. Will this energy help?
The source of ALL issues is in the consciuosness. If the consciousness is contaminated then we experience challenges in our life. This contamination can come from all our own experiences in this lifetime and even the experiences of our ancestors. Grace energy slowly heals these patterns so that all areas of our life heal. Lifetron Healing is specially designed to heal physical issues. It can take sometime for hundreds of years of patterns to heal. Please have patience.
6. Is it possible that I feel worse sometimes on this healing journey?

Not common but it is possible to feel worse initially for a short period. It is also possible to feel worse for short periods during the healing journey as your body and mind adapts to healthier ways of living.

Actually, if you feel worse initially that is a sign that you are healing. This situation can happen in cases where there is resistance in letting go of toxic past patterns. Health and these toxic patterns don’t go together. One must leave. The energy will try to flush the toxicity from your body and mind. This detox process can feel uncomfortable initially. 

But know this detoxification is bringing you health and well being. If left in the body and mind these toxic patterns will create great damage to your body in the years to come. It is far better to flush them now, rather than deal with great pain and disease at a later stage in life.

Also note that you maybe feeling terrible due to body and mind changing and healing, but if you look inside carefully, there will be a deeper calm than before.

If you feel a discomfort due to detoxification, remind yourself that “I am willing to let go of the past hurts, pains, and losses. I am ready to move towards a better life”. This new thought will help relieve the discomfort.

The lifetron healing system makes every possible attempt to reduce or minimize the discomfort associated with detox process. In fact Lifetron Healing system is the only healing system that dynamically adjusts the energy based on the capability of your body and mind to handle change. Both too much or too little energy is not beneficial for your healing. Lifetron device has a very sophisticated algorithm that calculates the right amount of energy for you based on your feedback. 

7. There is no link in the email to provide progress report.

Your account in a web portal gets created when you provide your list of specific intentions that you want the energy to work on. If you did not provide your specific intentions then the link will be empty.

Providing specific intentions is an optional thing. The energy is by default programmed with the intention to bring you overall well being. The energy is supremely intelligent. In some cases it works better if you let the energy decide how to bring you well being. If you choose this method then you can also just send me progress report through email. I read your emails :).

If you do choose to provide specific intentions, then please follow the instruction send in the email titled: Lifetron Energy Transmission Started. In case you did not get that email, please check your spam folder or promotions folder. You can ask us to resend that email as well. Also, put a contact in your email system for me with the email address: so that you gets my emails in your primary folder.

8. I signed up for a family member. How do I fill up their needs?

First, remember that the energy is intelligent and knows what their issues are and how to heal their issues. So it is not absolutely necessary to send their intentions.

On the other hand, if you know or have an idea of what their issues and needs are, then do write them down as best as you can. Include whatever level numbers your instincts tell you they are.

Do the best you can with the intentions and progress based on your instincts and gut feelings. Leave the rest to the supremely intelligent energy. 

9. Will the benefits I received from Lifetron, continue after I stop

Depends on the individual. In general if you have reached a certain level in your healing journey with lifetron, the benefits will stay. However, if you stop too soon, then the old patterns will tend to come back. As an anology, say you have an infection and the doctor gives you a 10 day antibiotic course. If complete the course you will be healed, if you stop the course in the middle, the left over bacteria tend to regrowl

How long to stay on lifetron. It is very hard question to answer since everyone comes with very different patterns from past lives and their childhood. Some people completely heal within a month or less and others take a much longer time. If you have a personal session with me, I can give you a guesstimate.

10 . What is the difference between Lifetron Protection Program and Lifetron Healing Program

Lifetron Protection program: is primarily meant to Protect what you already have. The intention is already built into this program for your protection. In this program there is no option to put specific healing intentions. 

Lifetron Healing Program: is meant to improve  your life from where you are at. You can give  specific intentions for the energy to work on. You will have a way to track your progress and the energy will also be dynamically adjusted based on your progress. If you are on the Healing program, the protection program is “included” in that program. You don’t need to purchase protection program separately.

See the pricing for both these programs: Here

11 . My issue was getting better, then it came back. Why?

All human issues originate within the consciouness first. Lifetron healing goes deep into our consciousness to change it and heal it.

However, humans are creature of habit. We tend to go back to old ways of thinking, feeling and believing. 

There can be times when our minds will take us back to old patterns and negative the healing that was done by lifetron. This is when you may experience a temporary setback.

Over time in the continuous presence of lifetron healing you will experience greater and greater stability and a permanence of healing.

Please maintain patience. Healing decades and lifetimes of negative patterns can take time.

12. What can I do to make my lifetron healing even better.

Yes. I recommend the following exercise which is fast and easy. After you wake up and before you go to bed. Do the following:

a) Say the names of each of the members on lifetron. Do this only once.

b) Repeat the following 9 times: ” We all (or I) deserve to be healthy, happy and safe”

This simple ritual reduces the resistance and opens up the energy field more which allows the lifetron energy to do its job more easily.

13. Self Sabotage: I had critical parents or a partner. How can Lifetron Energy Help?

If you had critical parent(s) or a critical partner in life, you will notice that your  life has been quite challenging and many healing processes you may have done have been slow or only work temporarily.

Lifetron healing goes deep into your subconsious to give you the positive nurturing you never got from your parents. This literally rewires your brain to feel better about yourself and improve your life.

Please note that this process can take sometime depending on the damage that was done to your body and mind during the years of abusive environment.

To improve your results with lifetron energy in such cases, I recommend the following additional exercise:

1) Every day write 5 positive things about “you” and 5 positive things in your life.

2) Every day review this list and add at least one new positive thing that you have not written before.

This simple and quick exercise opens your energy field to receive more lifetron healing energy.

You can even do this for another family member without their knowledge. It will have the same effect on them as well since we are all connected at a consciousness level.

14. Is providing healing intentions necessary

Providing specific healing intentions is an optional thing. It is useful for clients to keep track of their healing progress. However, it is not needed for the energy to do the healing work. The energy is supremely intelligent and  knows what changes are needed for you to feel better. 

15. Can i do this healing for someone else without their knowledge? Is there an ethical issue with this?

Yes, you can. You are only doing good for them so no ethical issue with this. It is like praying for someone. We usually don’t ask for permission to pray for someones wellbeing.

16. I want to do it for a family member who does not believe in this kind of healing work. Will it be useful for them?

Yes. This healing energy goes beyond the mental plane of beliefs. So their belief does not affect their healing. However, the same healing rules apply to the person who does not believe as they do to person who does believe. If the person holds a lot of resistance to change and healing then it will take more time for their healing. They may have a greater chance of experiencing things get worse before they get better due to this resistance. See an ealier FAQ question about things getting worse sometimes.

I have just started to add FAQ and answers. Please email your questions to :

If it is a common question I will add it here. Thank you for helping me improve.

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