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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I feel the energy sometime and not always?
There can be several reasons. However, the main reason is that our body and mind gets used to the energy. Just like if we get into a warm shower on a cold day, we strongly feel the good feeling of the warm water. But then the body gets used to the warm water and it does not feel it that strongly anymore. This does not mean the water is not warm and not doing its job of relaxing your body and mind. The energy continues to bring you comfort and you will notice your feelings and thoughts becoming positive over a period of time. Let your body and mind soak in the loving warmth  of the energy.
2. Does this energy have any side effects

There are no side effects. Only healing always. However note that healing process may not be always pleasant. There are old patterns that the energy will try to flush and heal. Sometimes this process may feel uncomfortable.

Please know that flushing the poison from your body may be uncomfortable for a short period, but if left in the body, the poison will kill you eventually.

Another reason that some uncomfortable pattern comes up (like a cold), is that your mind is not used to energy of Grace (the good feeling energy). So the mind tends to create slightly uncomfortable situations to take you back to the feeling state you were before the energy started. Don’t worry, Grace will heal this as well over sometime. As you become more and more used to feeling better, such uncomfortable states will not come up or become less.

The energy of Grace is far more intelligent than the human mind. Give it time and let it do its job.

3. What do I do if some uncomfortable pattern comes up?
All pain and discomfort originates from suppressed and poisonous emotions. To release these patterns, vocalize them. Say your emotion without judging them. This will help you release the emotion from your body and mind.
4. There are many people with same name as me. How does the energy find me?

Consciousness is an extremely intelligent medium of communication. It connects all things and people in the Universe. The lifetron device connects with the realm of consciousness. To send the energy, lifetron device puts the name of the recipient on the lifetron particle and delivers it into this infinitely intelligent network. The realm of consciousness knows who and where to deliver this particle.

Just as an analogy, when you pray to Jesus, the realm of consciousness knows to delivery that prayer to “The Jesus” and not to the jesus who lives next door to your house.

The intelligence is built into the realm of consciousness.

5. I have many issues: Relationship, Health, Finances. Will this energy help?
The source of ALL issues is in the consciuosness. If the consciousness is contaminated then we experience challenges in our life. This contamination can come from all our own experiences in this lifetime and even the experiences of our ancestors. Grace energy slowly heals these patterns so that all areas of our life heal. Lifetron Healing is specially designed to heal physical issues. It can take sometime for hundreds of years of patterns to heal. Please have patience.

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