We are all born with two personalities and two distinct destinies. One I call is Karmic personality and karmic destiny while the other I call is soul personality and soul destiny.

This time of the year signifies to me crucifixion of karmic personality and then resurrection of soul personality. It is a radical change of the direction of life.

Based on our past life karmic patterns we get early childhood experiences that match our past life patterns. For many people on spiritual path childhood can be an unpleasant experience. This unpleasant time is meant for our awakening.

We are also programmed at a soul level to seek and awaken our soul personality. We have been given heartfelt desires that are part of our soul blueprint. This is what we are meant to become in this lifetime.

The karmic personality is usually in stark contrast to our soul personality. For example in my case my karmic personality is one of weakness identified with the following belief patterns that I picked growing up under a narcissistic mother: 

Weak Personality:  I am weak, un-intelligent, self doubt, low self worth, fearful, vindictive, withholding, judgmental

On the other hand I also have soul personality of power. 

Powerful Personality:  I am powerful, very intelligent, self confident, high value, courageous, kind, giver, non-judging.

Following a spiritual path I have slowly diminished and healed my weak personality and increased the power personality. 

Today is the day to crucify my weak personality and resurrect the powerful personality. What personality are you willing to crucify and what personality are you willing to resurrect?