On this Earth plane, every living organism is “doing” something according to its nature. You cannot help but do something every single waking minute of your life. What makes the real difference in life is whether you are doing the work consciously or unconsciously. Meaning, the amount of consciousness you put in the work determines the quality of the results.

If you change nothing, nothing will change.

As I mention in my class on “How to Gracefully Heal from Narcissistic Abuse”, we are living in an era of WILL. Will is all about doing, about taking action. People who have gone through narcissistic abuse very often feel disempowered. This is a result of the will being compromised during childhood times. People who have gone through narcissistic abuse will need to be extra aware of developing and applying their will.

Desire (our heart) gives direction to our life, our mind creates a plan to manifest what we want and it is the action that finally brings the desire into physical reality. Without action the desires simply remain in a dormant etheric state. It is only the action that brings it into physical reality.

Will is a state of awareness and consciousness that brings a whole new level of engagement and energy to whatever it is that you are doing and trying to accomplish. People have been able to bend physical steel plates through their minds with application of their will.

With this understanding, become very clear of what you want (heart), create a tangible and believable plan (mind), then apply your will and action to bring that plan to reality. Getting the support and help you need is part of the plan. However, external support should be matched with your own “doing” to get the best results.