Mind by nature is a highly delusional system. As Ramanan Maharishi very eloquently says:

In this world truth looks like false and false looks like truth. This is the mystery of life.

Look around you and within your own minds you will see that there is great truth to this quote from Ramana Maharishi.

Look at the US Elections for instance. I am not making a political statement or view. I am just giving an analogy of how delusional the mind can become. There are two camps of people fully believing that their side of the story is true. Most likely one side is true and the other is false. But to the mind even the false will appear as an absolute truth.

Evolution and healing means we are able to grasp higher and higher truths in this very confusing and delusional world. That we are able to and more importantly willing to see a higher truth.

Unfortunately, the mind can be a very stubborn place. There are a variety of reasons why it is unable to or unwilling to look and accept a higher truth. Two major reasons are: 

  • Mind is just lazy. It is a lot easier to just accept a “truth” handed down to us from ancestors than to question the old beliefs.
  • Mind has an invested interest in holding on to a lie. In my healing work that is called a coping mechanism. I talk about this at length in my “Healing Deep Fears and Childhood Traumas Parts 1 and 2”.

It is so fascinating for me to see how much of “Spiritual Nonsense” there is out there in the world these days. All kinds of Gurus and Teachers talking complete and utter nonsense. Ideas that are really outdated and plain simple false.

Think about ideas, thoughts, beliefs that feel real and true but don’t generate deep peace within. That lack of peace can be a sign of a false idea that looks like truth.

Please make no mistake. We all have plenty of delusions to work through. No one is “above” the delusions on this earth plane. We are all simply trying to grasp the next levels of truth.

Try your best to keep an open mind to new ways of looking at things. Make this new year a year of greater clarity. And keep doing it year after year.