With New Year just around the corner, my main intention is to release myself from any and all subconscious grudges I may have been carrying in my  heart and mind. Over my lifetime, one of the biggest lessons I have learnt is to cut my losses and move on. 

The burden of carrying a loss is too heavy to carry and a price too much to pay. We have all encountered more than one loss in our lifetime. The happiness of your life is directly proportional to how quickly you can cut your loss and move on. Hanging on to a loss is like trying to walk with a iron ball tied to your feet.

Somehow the mind wants to recover the loss either by punishing the perpetrator in some way or by actually recovering what was lost. Neither of these methods produce any results. The perpetrator cannot even return what was lost even if they want to. Say you lost a lot of value time due to the negligence of your parents. They cannot return that loss even if they wanted to.

Look around, we live in a highly litigious society, where people sue each other for even the smallest things. We carry the same mindset in the emotional world. We don’t want to feel cheated and hence we hold on to the grudge. Holding on to a grudge is equivalent to spending $10,000 trying to recover $5 back. Because we are unable to put a monetary value to the wasted time, effort and energy we continue to hold the grudge.

A grudge LITERALLY blocks the flow of life energy through us. It chokes the very life force that we need to heal our body, mind and life. It puts a brake on all good things that we carve for and are working so hard for. Please remember what the perpetrator did was neither intentional nor personal. But the harm we do to ourselves by holding a grudge is both intentional and personal. So, in a sense what we are doing to ourselves is way worse than what the perpetrator did to us. 

Believe me, the price we pay for holding a grudge cannot be measured. It will destroy your life, literally. Cut your losses and move one. You are much more likely to recover what was lost through this method than through holding on to the grudge. To move on all you have to do it make a simple and firm decision.

Wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.