Choice is a relatively new idea in human consciousness. For the most of human history we have lived in relative unconsciousness of truth that “we have┬áchoice”. We simply continued perpetuating the unconscious choices made by our ancestors, good or bad.

It is the dawn of the era of human will as I talk about in the class on “narcissistic abuse”. Even 50 years ago, a butcher’s son used to become a butcher, a blacksmith’s son used to become a blacksmith. That is just how things were. No one questioned anything. Any questioning was squashed with a heavy hand.

You and I are the forerunners of this new era of freedom of human will. This is an unprecedented time in human history. You will be tortured, laughed at, emotionally abused, possibly physically abused, beaten down for taking the step in the direction of making your choices. You will be brutalized by your own subconscious programmings. You will be afraid, scared, confused, frustrated, anxious, for taking living in your own hands. Know that this is normal.

You are no longer left with the option of leaving decision making in someone else’s hands. It can be brutal transition, but the reward of being on the other side of the line, where you fully have accepted your role as the decision maker, may be beyond comprehension at this time. The joy of utter freedom from all challenges. To live life on our own terms.

But wait, there is a price to pay for reaching that freedom. Are you willing to fight for that freedom. Join me and many others on this journey. Pass this message along to other freedom fighters.