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Money issues can be traced to a particular mindset.

Do you see money as an expense or as a resource for investment?

When we see money as an expense we are subconsciously on the lookout for ways to cut expenses, which include cutting out investment in our future. This makes us susceptible to inappropriate choices for our future.

We look for 0 risk investments. There is no such thing as a 0 risk investment. We cannot wait to get a job before investing in education. Education does not guarantee a good job, but we still have to take the risk of investing in education, which is a calculated and meaningful risk.

We make investments in highly risky ventures based on marketing hype created by unconscious marketers. In all these hyped up marketing the promise is: get rich fast, get healthy fast, get happy fast.

Let’s get a few other Unpleasant Truths out of the way:

• Being human, we want to get out of our troubles in 0 time, with 0 risk, 0 cost, and 0 challenges. However, sooner or later we will be forced to accept the reality: It doesn’t work this way on the earth plane.

• If we don’t make meaningful investments of money, time, and effort now, we will end up paying hundreds of times more later: high medical costs, large attorney fees, broken relationships and families, lost hopes and dreams, pain and suffering. In short, we cannot skip meaningful investments.

Now for the Pleasant Truth:

“Mind is the creator of everything and everything can be changed by our minds” – Buddha

What is a meaningful investment? The only meaningful investment is one that helps us Grow our Consciousness (or Mind). Growth mindset is the opposite of quick fix mindset. As our consciousness grows, well-being grows at all levels.

iZone Program: A healing system which focuses on growth

True healing is possible only if these three components are present: Grace, Wisdom and Time. I believe iZone Program is the only one of its kind in the world which combines these three components in a meaningful way.

If you are willing to get into a growth mindset and make a relatively small investment in growth of your consciousness, I can help you.

Everything is possible with consciousness. Growing our consciousness is the greatest work in life.