Like everything in the Universe, Lifetron Healing system is also evolving. Let me tell you the story of how the Lifetron System came into existence and where it seems to be going.

The development and evolution of Lifetron Healing system has been guided by masters from the other side. Tremendous effort, experimentation and guidance from the spiritual realms, it seems to be moving towards something much bigger than I could have ever imagined.

Chapter 1:

In 2005 I was working at Motorola and at a personal level I was struggling. I was struggling to find my purpose on earth. By this time I had spent several years experimenting with vibrational energies and creating devices that emitted healing vibrations. But, I was nowhere close to discovering an acceptable healing system. I was about to give up on this path.

One night I dreamt of an angel showing me in a cryptic language the design of a healing device. I knew that this was an answer to years of my search. It took me several years after that to interpret what the angel told me, and create the Lifetron Device.

Chapter 2:

In 2012, Lifetron Healing system was off the ground. However, I was not clear what is the real purpose of this healing system. Is it to heal the physical body, the mind, or something else.

Then one day I was given the vision of Archangel Michael, with a clear feeling of what he was trying to tell me. His message was that my healing work is about “protection”. Protection from the negative energies that are increasing in intensity day by day on the planet. “Fear” is the name of these negative energies. I have known that fear is at the root of all human suffering.

This made it clear the purpose of this healing system. To protect human consciousness from the influence of fear and the fear related destruction.

Chapter 3:

The next vision that came was of Noah’s Ark. After this vision I was confused of what that really meant. Do I need to go to a hardware store and get some lumber and nails and build a ship? šŸ™‚

Chapter 4:

The next vision came to me in August of 2016. This vision was so bizarreĀ that I am still processing it. However, the message is clear and it puts all the early visions in perspective if you put them together.

This vision came into my dream that was so vivid that I literally fell of my bed with dizziness when I woke up. I really could not tell if I was dreaming or was I wake. Here is a very short version of my dream:

I am sitting on a rocket ship (hint hint :). There are many many people on this ship. I seem to the captain of the ship. The ship has massive booster engines to help the ship to break free from the gravitational pull of Earth.

On my dashboard I see that we are headed towards the black hole of our galaxy. After several time periods, we reach the edge of the black hole. In scientific terms this edge is called “Event Horizon”. Beyond this point there is no turning back.

Once we cross the event horizon, the space ship started to speed up to incredible speeds. Everything started to disappear around us. Even the space ship started to disappear. Our bodies started to disappear. We were crossing into a different dimension of existence.

I and other people ended up on a planet called Euphora in a different dimension in a translucent body. The planet is so spectacular that words cannot describe its beauty. I spent great majority of my dream time exploring this planet. I can write a book on this experience. It felt like years.

Then I woke up and fell of my bed, because Euphora had no gravity. I was not sure if I was from Earth and dreaming about Euphora or I was from Euphora and dreaming about Earth.

The message of the dream is that many people are stuck on this planet and are unable to break free from the gravitational pull of the energies of the Earth plane. Rapidly increasing world population is an indication of this fact. Rapidly increasing diseases, fear, hostility, wars, world climatic changes are also indicating the increase of negative energies on this planet making it harder and harder to break free and elevate our consciousness.

We need booster rockets (high intensity energy) to break free to a different dimension.

Lifetron Device seems to be the booster system that can help propel our consciousness so that we can move to the planet called Euphora. Space travel will not be done by physical rockets, instead it will be only be possible through elevation of consciousness.

Only time will tell if these visions have validity to them. For now Lifetron Healing system is certainly about improving the consciousness in a far easier way than is otherwise possible. Improving consciousness always results in improvement of life.

With Love,