After 2 years of relentless working on Lifetron Device, I am happy to announce the release of Advanced Lifetron Healing System. All new clients and several of previous clients have been transitioned to the Advanced Lifetron system. Here are the main differences from the previous version:

​​​​​​The previous version of lifetron had 6 energy levels: levels 0.5 to 5. Each level with increasing energy intensity and increasing price (from $49 thru $697 per month).

My experience showed that at person on $697 plan moves faster than a person on $49 plan,  but there is only so much energy that a person can absorb. Any extra unabsorbed energy simply evaporated into the Earth’s atmosphere. Just like if you put a bucket full of water on a baby plant, all the extra energy drains into the Earth.

On the other hand a person on $49 plan, who could have absorbed more energy was stalled because not enough energy was being transmitted.

The advanced system dynamically adjusts the energy based on what you report back. It uses complex algorithms to understand your growth patterns in order to optimize the energy that is just right for your growth. A baby plant needs cup of water a day, while a bigger tree requires much more.

All for one price now. No complex pricing and levels. This is a win win for all.

In addition, you can monitor your growth on a regular basis. In clear % terms. No more confusion whether you are healing or not or what is healing. You also get to understand the consciousness zone that you are in: Green Zone, Yellow Zone and Red Zone.

It is better to know where you stand now and take corrective action, before you reach a point of no repair i.e. your body and life has become almost un-healable. Once we reach this point, we start to scramble to find a miracle cure (for health, money, relationships). Most people don’t realize that for a miracle to happen in your life, your consciousness needs to be prepared for it.

​​​​​​​Advanced Lifetron Healing does a wonderful job in preparing your consciousness for good things to come. However, some patience is required. We live in a plane of existence where things need to grow. Everything on Earth is designed to grow. You cannot skip the growth process. Plus it is easy to get delusional about where we stand in the growth of our consciousness. The zone you fall in clearly shows you where you fall. These numbers don’t lie.

I had a wonderful discussion about some of these topics on Eram Saeed’s Interview in September. You can listen to the radio interview on the following page:
​​​​​​​If you are interested in joining Advanced Lifetron Healing or if you are an existing client and want to switch to Advanced Lifetron, please send me an email.

​​​​​​​PS: So far in 2 months of going live with Advanced Lifetron Live, the results I am getting are far better than the previous version.